16 Weird Flavored Chips You’ll Hesitate to Try

Potato chips or as the Brits like to call them “crisps” are the one of the world’s favorite snack to gorge on. But these strangely flavored chips are bound to make you cringe. Here are 16 of the weirdest flavored chips you’ll hesitate to try.


cajun squirrel

Courtesy of Charles Hutchins/Flickr.com

1. Walkers’ Cajun Squirrel

The perfect snack for the Southern redneck in you. So stop strumming on that banjo and find this squirrel snack that will surely make your Uncle Bubba froth at the mouth.


chicken and waffles

Courtesy of Mike Mozart/Flickr.com

2. Lay’s Chicken & Waffles

When soul food isn’t fried enough, you can turn to this Chicken and Waffles flavored chips that will hit the spot. Fried chicken, fried potato chips–can’t get batter than that.

3. Pringles’ White Chocolate & Peppermint

Why leave out the cookies for Santa when you can just leave this pepperminty, chocolaty and…ugh…salty flavored chips.  Undoubtedly, Mr. Claus will appreciate your kindness and perhaps suggest that you should keep some for yourself instead.

4. Mackie’s Haggis & Cracked Black Pepper

If you don’t know what haggis is, then no worries, this will all be explained to you. Haggis is sheep organs such as hearts, livers and intestines. To top it all off, they also encase it in a sheep’s stomach. Now don’t you just want to munch on those yummy chips?

cappuccino chips

Courtesy of Fancy Nancy/Flickr.com

5. Lay’s Cappuccino Chips

If anything, this should be self explanatory. The only questions that have arisen in the midst of these new flavored chips: Does it get us through the mornings?

cinnamon and sugar

Courtesy of Mike Mozart/Flickr.com

6. Pringles’ Cinnamon & Sugar

If we wanted cinnamon and sugar, we would have opted for a cinnabon. Thank you very much.

7. Brannigans’ Roast Lamb & Mint

Ewe. Roast lamb and mint is a popular English dish that is for an acquired taste. But who can fathom the idea of an already strange dish made into chips?

8. Jack n’ Jill’s Salmon Sushi

If this seems fishy to you, that’s because it is. This chip provides an excellent alternative of eating sushi when you’re on the run and have no time to eat lunch.

9. Fruli Fresh’s Oyster Mushroom

Do they fry out the aphrodisiac effect? We’ll never know unless we get a hold of these delicious *gulp* oyster mushroom crisps.


10. Walker’s Chilli & Chocolate

This chip should melt on your tongue with its sweet chocolate taste only to be followed up by an unbelievably spicy chili kick that will turn you into a runny mess. Ole!

 11. Tako’s Octopus

They even make it in the shape of an octopus to remind you exactly what you’re about to consume. There is a possibility that if you munch on these chips, you will find ink spurting out of your mouth.

12. Calbee’s Borsch

After eating this odd-flavored chip, you’ll strangely have an urge to wrestle a bear and change your name to Vladmir. Then you’ll find yourself wishing they would make Vodka-flavored chips to go with your borsch chips.

13. Papas Fritas’ Mayonnaise

This should be the perfect snack for the handful of people that shamelessly snack on mayonnaise right out of the jar. Rest assured, those of you (you know who you are) can now use this alternative to spare the rest of us of your mayo-slurping habit.

pumpkin pie spice

Courtesy of Flippinyank/Flickr.com

 14. Pringles’ Pumpkin Pie Spice

Who doesn’t love pumpkin pie flavored food during the fall season? From pumpkin spice lattes to pumpkin pie ice cream, we’ll happily wolf them down. But chips? The effort is appreciated, but no thanks. 

15. Walkers’ English Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding

What’s a more pompous version of British chips…er…I mean crisps than the roast beef and Yorkshire pudding? Grey Poupon has nothing on this (unless they went crisps too).

16. Walkers’ Ranch Raccoon

It’s payback time. All those times you’ve pitifully picked up the trash mess left behind by your unruly critters only to see them scampering away laughing. Well now you can have the last laugh! With this ranch raccoon flavored chips, you can taunt your bullies as you snack on their cousins.

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