Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park: An Underwater Paradise

They say a little bit of heaven exists on earth. You just have to look hard enough and you’ll find it.

In Kenya’s case, all you have to do is to make your way down to the south coast and experience the rare combination of terrestrial and undersea life that is Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park.

“If you don’t believe in love at first sight, Kisite Mpunguti might just change that,” Jim Yow, a returning US tourist, told AFKTravel.

Located on the south coast, 25 miles from Ukunda town, Kisite consists of four small islands surrounded by a coral reef. The islands complement each other in an amazing way.

Kisite Island is a small waterless coal island covered in low grass. The Mpunguti islands, on the other hand, have a dense coastal equatorial forest.

Surprisingly, if you mention Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park to just about any Kenyan they will answer you with a baffled, ‘huh?’ This tells you how unfamiliar the park is, even to its own countrymen.

But it’s so worth discovering. An enchanted realm marketed as “Home of the Dolphin and Coconut Crab,” Kisite Mpunguti could rightfully be deemed the Bora Bora of Kenya’s coast.

If you are into exploring the underwater world, then Kisite is definitely a must-visit destination. The clear turquoise waters are perfect for snorkeling or SCUBA diving any time of the day (visitors must use one of the approved boat operators to ensure a safe and satisfying experience).

Coral gardens teem with an abundance of marine life such as small tropical fish, scorpionfish, octopi, sea urchins, eels, sea cucumbers, and of course the signature coconut crab.

Dolphins emerge from the water with surprising regularity, beckoning you to dip into the soothing waters of the Indian Ocean.

Kisite also has vibrant birdlife, and at the Mpunguti islands sea turtles are a common sight.

The refreshingly clean and clear water is invigorating, and sunbathing on the pristine beaches is a balm for the weary soul.

Sunsets at Kisite will take your breath away. The golden rays of the dying sun create a beautiful water-mirage that highlights the unique and striking beauty of the park.

The local community surrounding Kisite Mpunguti, knowing how extraordinary the park is, work hand in hand with the Kenya Wildlife Service in maintaining this little piece of heaven on earth. They practice controlled fishing so as to enable preserve the local fish and keep the marine ecosystem balanced.

Go ahead — lose yourself in the tranquility and magic that is Kisite Mpunguti.


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