Extreme Weddings In Africa For Thrill-Seeking Couples

Not a fan of the traditional church weddings or saying “I do” before your loved ones in a rustic barn like an ad in Homes & Gardens? No problem! We’ll help you out with some fantastic ideas to get your adrenaline pumping while tying the knot. Get ready to book that ticket to Africa and have an unbelievable wedding that’ll make people’s jaws drop. Here are some extreme wedding ideas in Africa for thrill-seeking couples.

Bungee Jumping

Marriage is a big commitment and what’s a better symbolic way of taking that leap of faith than jumping off a cliff with your partner? Bungee jumping is a popular activity throughout the continen,t but you’ll want to check out a few spots like Bloukrans Bridge Bungy, the highest spot known to jump in South Africa. Or consider the famous Power Swing in Soweto where couples can jump off a mural-covered tower with the city of Johannesburg in the backdrop.

Scuba Diving

Take your celebration underwater by scuba diving. When scuba diving in Africa, you’ll want to visit the islands like Mauritius, Madagascar and Reunion Island since its location is ideal for exploring the ocean. The surrounding area is rich in coral reefs, attracting tropical fish and large marine life like rare sea turtles, whales and dolphins. Just contact a local charter boat company about your intention to tie the knot underwater and you’ll find one willing to accommodate you and make your thrill-seeking dream wedding into a reality.

Hot Air Balloon

If not going underwater, then go above land and get a bird’s eye view as you say “I do” to your new partner in life. Africa is a fantastic destination to go on hot air balloon rides since the continent is so large and versatile in landscape. You can choose the burnt orange scenery of the Namibian desert, soar over game animals in Botswana, or hover over the pyramids of Egypt. The sky’s the limit.


If you’re a skilled skydiver, you and your partner can do a tandem jump together and hold hands as you both plummet toward the Earth before releasing the parachutes. You’ll find that multiple countries in Africa offer skydiving tours where you can jump off near the ocean, desert or a lush forest. Check with your skydiving tour in advance and make sure you strap that tiara on tight before making the jump.

Cave exploring

Couples with claustrophobia need not to apply. There are quite a few cave exploring excursion tours throughout Africa and you can even tie the knot in one. The touring company most likely won’t allow a full-set wedding, but a few places will allow a quick ceremony with a small group before continuing the caving adventure.

Game Lodge

Africa is littered with swanky game lodges that are known to accommodate weddings, and if you’re planning to include a group of friends and family into your wedding, you’ll want a fun setting for the entire party. Imagine exchanging your vows with grazing zebras and elephants in the background, and then afterwards, you and your party can hop on a safari jeep for an adventure.


You’ve heard of snowboarding but have you heard of sandboarding? You can tackle the red dunes of Namibia on a sandboard with your significant other to get your heart racing. Sandboarding is an extremely limited sports since very few places have the right terrain for it, so you’ll want to make your adventurous friends back at home drooling with envy as you bust out your wedding pictures in the Namib dessert.

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