5 Off-The-Radar Namibia Travel Experiences For Explorers

namibia wall art

Courtesy of Olivier Bruchez / Flickr

Twyfelfontein Rock Art

Can you imagine roaming the planet six thousand years ago and living to tell your story? These stone age hunter-gatherers from the Wilton Stone Age culture group were able to do just that and left behind paintings of what they experienced. Visit the Twyfelfontein landmark located in the Huab Valley in the southern region of Kunene, Namibia. Once there, you will find fourteen smaller sites that feature rock engravings from the Wilton Stone Age hunter-gatherers that lived about 6,000 years ago, as well as from the Koikoi ethnic group who also left behind rock art about 2,000-2,500 years ago. Some of the animals represented in these engravings include giraffes, rhinos, horses, lions, and deer.

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