5 Off-The-Radar Namibia Travel Experiences For Explorers

Kolmanskop Ghost Town

The Kolmanskop Ghost Town is ideal to visit after you pay homage to Windhoek because it is located in the Namib Desert which is known to be the world’s oldest. In 1908, a German man found a diamond while working in the area and showed it to his supervisor. They quickly discovered that the whole area was a vast diamond mine and subsequently used the diamonds to invest in building a town. The town originally offered several institutions like a hospital, ballroom, school, theatre, casino, sports hall, and power station, but the inhabitants slowly started leaving after the first World War when there were not many diamonds left. By 1954, the town was completely devoid of people. Visitors may purchase a pass to explore this eerie location if they dare. Due to weathering and strong forces of the desert, tourists must walk in knee-deep sand to get an intimate look of this well preserved piece of history.

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