New Lodges To Try In Namibia Plus Some To Look Out For

Anyone that’s familiar with Namibia will tell you the country is full of vast landscapes that’ll make you feel as if you’ve ventured into a martian-like planet. With hundreds of miles of orange-colored sands, exotic animals and a stunning coast filled with skeletons and abandoned ships, it’s no wonder why people will go out of their way to this out-of-ordinary land. The country is rapidly rising in popularity and hotels are popping up like mushrooms across the desert. And you can be among the first to experience and be pampered at some of Namibia’s newest and upcoming lodges. Here are some great new lodges that opened their doors this year and exciting ones that are scheduled to open very soon in Namibia.

hoanib valley camp

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Hoanib Valley Camp

Newly opened in June 2018, Hoanib Valley Camp is becoming the latest talked about property in Namibia. The camp is run by Natural Selections and their new location in Kaokoland is popular for elephant viewing. The area is so remote that you’ll see nothing but desert as far as your eyes can see and guests are isolated with only six luxury tents available per night. The interior is designed to blend in with the rugged landscape using wooden furnishings, geometric patterns of the local Himba people and Namibian motifs. The tents are scattered around a cozy bonfire pit for guests to mingle and kick back to enjoy the vast scenery. Hoanib Valley Camp is a joint venture with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation where they do research to find out how giraffes thrive in the desert. Activities include game drives, nature walks, rare rhino tracking, and meeting the locals.

shipwreck lodge

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Shipwreck Lodge

The Skeleton Coast revealed its long-awaited Shipwreck Lodge that’s designed to be the swankiest accommodation in the area. Also operated by Natural Selection, the lodge has its own unique quirks where instead of luxury tents, the lodges are designed to resemble shipwrecks. Step inside and you’ll realize the place is a far cry from an abandoned ruin. Guests will appreciate the modern decor of sleek furniture, abstract walls, and wide open windows to let in the natural light (and for guests to enjoy the gorgeous open scenery of the coast). Despite the name, Skeleton Coast has plenty of wildlife like elephants, giraffes, hyenas and lions. There are only 10 lodges available per night, so it’s advised to book your room as soon as possible. Activities include game drives, sun-downer walks to the beach, fishing, and visits to real, actual shipwrecks. The lodge opened in June 2018.


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Nkasa Linyanti Camp

Why stop when you can keep going? Natural Selection is currently working on its new location in Nkasa Rupara National Park in he Caprivi Strip. The new place, Nkasa Linyanti Camp has a goal to provide a comfortable accommodation in an unforgiving land that only seasoned explorers would dare to venture. The campsite will have its own airfield, making it easy to arrive by helicopter (and giving guests a bird’s eye view of the land). The area is known for its year-round residents of elephants, buffaloes, red lechwe and more. The lodge is scheduled to open in 2018.

the desert grace

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The Desert Grace

Natural Selection isn’t the only high-end hotel company jumping in on Namibia’s growing tourism industry. Gondwana Collection is hopping on board too. Scheduled to open in November of 2018, The Desert Grace (location not yet revealed) is a feminine approach to “glamping” in the desert. The modern lodge will have soft pink, gray and tan colors as part of its decor and continues the pink theme such as pink gin at the bar. There will be 24 bungalows with its own plunge pool overlooking the incredible view of the desert.


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Gondwana Collection Etosha

Recently in June, Gondwana Collection successfully made an agreement to sign a joint venture with King Nehale Conservancy in Etosha National Park. The lodge is in the works with plans to have up to 40 rooms with themes to enrich the local cultural heritage. The new campsite will have stunning views of the Andoni Plains filled with wildlife of the park like lions, giraffes, zebras and more. The construction will begin at the end of the year in 2018, so keep your eyes peeled and get ready to book when available to be one of the first to check it out.

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