Delicious Bakeries In Marrakech You Need To Check Out

Marrakech is hailed as one of the top cities for tourists in not just Morocco, but all of Africa and it’s easy to see why. With the view of the Atlas Mountains in the distance, stunning architecture, bustling souks, luxury resorts, fabulous restaurants and of course, the delectable sweets that are well worth the trip on their own. So where should you start to satisfy your sweet tooth? We’ve got your back. Here are the most delicious bakeries of Marrakech you need to check out.

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Patisserie Amandine

Looking for a place that’ll make you feel like you’ve stumbled upon a European cafe in Marrakech? Then you’ll love Amandine, where guests can browse through carefully made pastries like macaroons, cookies, baklava and more. It’s advised to order a few pastry pieces for your table with a pot of tea. The staff will bring your order over to you in a gorgeous silver platter. After all, eating sweets should be a celebration in a lavish setting.


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La Maison Amoud

Get your chocolate and pastry fix at La Maison Amoud’s Marrakech location. Every treat is gourmet made and guests can select the treats of their choice from a buffet-like table before bringing it to the register. The pastry shop was originally founded in 1982 in Casablanca and has been so successful that it opened up several locations throughout Morocco, including Marrakech. In addition to cakes, cookies and pastries, guests can also try out freshly-baked gourmet bread.


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Patisserie Mirgon

Check out a historic location at Patisserie Mirgon that has been feeding both tourists and locals for the past 75 years. Mirgon serves everything from aromatic cakes, to jasmine cookies, to chocolate eclairs, making it easy to find exactly what you’re craving for. Once visitors step inside, they’ll appreciate hundreds of bite-sized pastries laid out behind the glass counters — this is your opportunity to sample a few treats in one sitting.

les maitres du pain

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Les Maitres du Pain

Not every sweet you’ll try has to be Moroccan. Another hidden gem in Marrakech is French-style Les Maitres du Pain, that’s known for their freshly baked bread and line of pastries. Each ingredient used to make the pastries and bread are imported from France, meaning you’ll have access to an authentic French delicacy. One of the bakery’s specialty are carefully carved egg chocolates to mark whatever occasion or holiday it is at the time. Guests can either enjoy their tasty treats onsite or take it to go and savor it later.

pastry gato

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Patisserie Gato

Prepare to have your mouth watering as you step inside Patisserie Gato filled with Moroccan delicacies including honey, citrus, chocolate and jasmine flavored treats. To maintain its genuine Moroccan heritage in its baking, the staff uses argan oil in some of their pastries to add that touch. While there, order a pot of mint tea to share with your friends over pastries and it’ll be brought out in an authentic silver tea pot and platter.

la table du marche

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La Table du Marche

If you’re looking for a place to fill your sweet tooth while enjoying a full meal, then La Table du Marche is your place. There are several restaurant locations serving up high end Moroccan specialities with its own fully-stocked bakery. You’ll definitely want to save room after dining on your tagine to head over to the buffet-like table full of delicious sweets. However, if you ran out of time to stop by in its Marrakech location, you can still stock up on the goodies at the airport’s shop.


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Louza Bakery

Located in Amani Hotel, Louza Bakery allows you to try out international pastries as well as Moroccan sweets. Much of the pastries are made using argan oil, olive oil, saffron, honey and even khlii which is dry meat. Guests enjoy the luxury lounge area to enjoy the tasty delights. In addition to stocking up on the sweets, guests can take home bottles of homemade peanut butter, argan oil, olive oil and more.

marrakech pastry

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The Medina

The most adventurous and fun way to snack on sweets is to head over to the Medina where locals sell their best Moroccan goods. In the midst of leather shoes, potteries, and Berber trinkets, you’ll come across several sweets vendors with their own unusual welcomed guests — honey bees. It’s common to find swarm of bees buzzing over the pastries as they coat them with honey. Take a box of treats to go and you’ll taste every exotic flavor of the country.

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