Super Healthy Restaurants In Cape Town You Need To Try

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you should break your diet or go on an unhealthy free-for-all food binge. In fact, when it comes to visiting Cape Town, you should be looking forward to one of its many perks — the wide range of healthy food joints. South Africa has the benefits of growing spectacular fruits and veggies, and many restaurants are proud to serve them fresh and locally sourced. Whether you’re maintaining a vegetarian, vegan, paleo or raw food diet, (or if you just simply love wholesome, nutritious, unprocessed food), Cape Town has your back. So step away from that greasy french fry platter and the deep fried chicken on the tourist strip and hit these fabulous healthy restaurants instead. Here’s our list of the top super healthy restaurants you’ll find in Cape Town, South Africa.

raw and roxy

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Raw and Roxy

Raw foodists, this is your place. Raw and Roxy is a restaurant with a philosophy that healthy food should be served raw and uncooked. So expect to find superfoods like natural smoothies with coconut oil, salads with edible flowers, zucchini layered lasagna, and raw pizza made with buckwheat. Each dish is well thought out in its preparation and definitely Instagram-worthy (you’ll make your followers drool). Don’t fill up too fast on your main meal, you’ll want to make room for dessert as Raw and Roxy specializes in their raw treats like “cookie dough” macaroons, peppermint Oreo cookies, and vanilla magnum ice cream that’s made with frozen cashew nut milk. Yum.

orchard on long

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Orchard On Long

Nothing beats the heat better than downing a refreshing cold pressed juice, especially if its locally made. Head down to Orchard On Long for a charming atmosphere where you’ll be greeted by counters full of fresh fruits that are ready to be blended for you on the spot. The juice bar is proud of its unique blends with its own quirky names such as Beetroot Buzz, Dr. Ozzy’s Lemonade, Sunflower Special and The Impala. In addition to their juices, Orchard on Long also serves acai bowls, pre-made protein bars, kale chips and healthy wraps from their natural selection section.

hungry herbivore

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The Hungry Herbivore

Looking for a place that’s completely free of animal cruelty and 100% vegan? Then The Hungry Herbivore will be right up your alley. Everything on its menu is plant-based and is made as comfort food because after all, who said that healthy food has to be boring? Items on the menu include protein bowls, burgers made from sweet potatoes and quinoa, tomato-based pizzas, and raw cheesecakes made from dates and almonds. The Hungry Herbivore has two locations, its restaurant on Orphan Street that provides an upscale atmosphere to enjoy your food in peace and the Mojo Market that’s ideal for grabbing handmade food on the go.

general store

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The General Store

Get yourself a colorful salad with all the fixins at The General Store ,which doubles as a cafe and a grocer. The cafe serves a rotating seasonal menu where ingredients made to make the meals are always fresh and in season, giving diners the healthiest flavors. They are open for breakfast and lunch serving everything like coffee, shakshuka, beef briskets, roasted squash and sweet potato salad, salmon fish cakes and gluten-free cakes.

bowls on bree

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Bowls on Bree

Anyone who’s a serious health foodie will know that poke is becoming a popular food trend (as it should be). Bowls on Bree is among the most popular places to get poke and other bowls full of healthy ingredients. Meat eaters will especially love the Paleo Bowl that’s free of grains and carbs. Vegetarians, there are plenty of non-meat options to get in this establishment. Bowls on Bree’s meals aren’t the only sustainable thing in the facility, in fact, the restaurant will go as far as using only 100% degradable packaging to pay its part in helping the environment.

cafe frank

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Cafe Frank

Get your locally sourced, organic and free range food here at Cafe Frank, which specializes in slow food. Sandwiches are among the most popular things to get at this cafe and each is carefully crafted with unique ingredients like the Boernkaas made with beetroot jam, gherkin, tomato and greens. Come here for breakfast and you won’t be disappointed by its impressive menu consisting of gourmet omelets, crunchy granola, and smoked salmon.

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