The Best Kayaking Tours In Africa

There’s nothing more adventurous than exploring an unfamiliar land, especially on a kayak. This is why outdoor enthusiast tourists who make their trip to Africa will find plenty of ways to stay active and immerse themselves in the surrounding scenery. So skip that tour bus and get your hands dirty (or in this scenario, wet). Here are the top kayaking tours you must book on your next trip to Africa.


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The most well-known body of water in Botswana is easily the Okavango Delta. Kayaktive is a popular kayak safari tour where its common for groups of paddlers to float by bathing elephants and antelopes. This tour is offered only to seasoned kayakers who have the strength to go on this two-day and one night expedition. Overnight guests are given tents to camp out in a designated campsite before continuing their second day of kayaking adventures. All meals are provided for on this tour.

rafting kenya

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Explore the Sagana River in Kenya through Rapids Camp Sagana, where you’ll face daring water. The camp will instruct guests on all the proper methods to tackling the rapids in their kayaks. After a full day of kayaking your way through the currents, you’ll come out like a pro. The camp also provides other activities like white water rafting, zip lining, bungee jumping and rock climbing (in other words, this camp is a haven for adrenaline junkies). Or take it to the beach by kayaking in Diani Beach through Aqualand. Guides will lead their group through the calm parts of the ocean to explore more of the Kenyan coast. For those who wish to go solo without a guide, Aqualand offers kayak rentals.

kayak cape town

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South Africa

Kayaking in South Africa is never a let down. Consider False Bay’s Kayak Cape Town tour where visitors can paddle past Boulder’s Beach (home of the famous African penguins). Kayak Cape Town is popular for its Penguin Sea Kayak tour, where paddlers can get up close and personal with the flightless birds. The tour departs from nearby Simon’s Town and paddlers will spend the next few hours exploring the coast full of mountains and pristine beaches. Another fantastic location is in Tsitsikamma, home of the Storm River where kayaking is a welcomed activity. Book your tour through Untouched Adventures┬áto paddle past stunning cliffs, rocky canyons, and gorges. For brave daredevils, you can attempt jumping the cliffs into a deep pool, a thrill-seeking adventure encouraged by the tour.

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Get into the water with the seals off the shores of Namibia, specifically at Pelican Point in the Walvis Bay area. Pelican Point Kayaking is a guided tour where kayakers can get up close and personal with cape fur seals, dolphins, flamingos, and sometimes even spot jackals and brown hyenas on the coast. Pelican Point is home to a 100 year old lighthouse that still operates to this day as a warning to nearby ships. The seals are quite used to humans and do not view kayakers as a threat.

kayak madagascar

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Why explore the island by foot when you can do it by water? Madagascar Island Safari is a prestigious kayaking tour where for seven nights, kayakers can paddle around most parts of the island. During the journey, kayakers will make several stops at stunning spots to snorkel through lesser known coral reefs, and dismount from their boats at isolated beaches to relax. The tour departs from Nosy Komba beach and will make nightly stops at small villages where room and meals are served for the kayakers for the next seven days.

seychelles kayaking

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Arguably the most exotic location to kayak your way around in Africa is in Seychelles. North Island is a smaller island north of the main island and is a paradise for nature and outdoor enthusiasts to get their fix. Visitors can rent kayaks from the island’s only kayak rental shop and explore crystal clear ocean along secluded beaches and hidden coves. Expect to spot an occasional dolphin or harmless stingray on your journey. If you can’t get enough of it, be sure to extend your kayaking adventure by staying at one of the eleven villas on the island.

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