Pamper Yourself Like A Star At One Of Zanzibar’s Boutique Hotels

Home to an emerald-colored ocean and beaches with soft pearl-white sands, Zanzibar is a gem that attracts tourists worldwide. After a day full of lounging in the sun and hitting the local markets for grilled meat on sticks or shopping for local potteries, it makes sense to have a cozy place to retire to. That’s where Zanzibar’s fabulous boutique hotels come in. Devoid of tacky high rises and generic decor, boutique hotels make you feel as if you’re staying in a private mansion with its own personal flair. At these fabulous hotels, you’ll find added perks of boutique restaurants as well as luxury spas that wait on their guests on hand and foot. Get ready to feel like a star, from extravagant beach-side hotels to hidden inns within steps from the city’s center, here are some of the top boutique accommodations you must stay in on your next trip to Zanzibar.

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