AFKTravel: A New Online Resource for Those Seeking the Finer Side of African Travel

AFKTravel: A New Online Resource for Those Seeking the Finer Side of African Travel

A new, comprehensive website is now available to help travelers book hotels and plan high-end adventures in Africa, from Cairo to Cape Town.

With travel to Africa rising at a rate faster than that of either Europe or South America and several thousand new hotel rooms being added on the continent every month, AFKTravel is poised to capture the attention of those seeking the next big thing in tourism.

As the only resource on the Internet devoted solely to African travel, AFKTravel aims to be the authority on the subject, offering one-stop shopping in the form of advice, reviews, deals and bookings for hundreds of destinations, from Cairo to Cape Town.

Africa is often misunderstood by the average non-African traveler, and under-represented in the digital world. Far from being a place of dirt and violence, it is a continent brimming with breathtaking beauty, fantastic food, stylish hotels, and one-of-a kind experiences.

The figures don’t lie; the world is waking up to Africa’s appeal. International tourist arrivals to the continent almost tripled between 2000 and 2014, from 26 million to 65 million, and visitors spent more than US$43 billion in Africa in 2014 alone.

“Africa is a big, fast-growing, underserved digital media opportunity,” said Jamarlin Martin, CEO of the multi-award-winning Moguldom Media Group, AFKTravel’s parent company. “Our vision is to be the #1 travel brand in Africa, and it won’t take us a long time to achieve this leadership status.”

Safaris in Kenya and wine tasting in South Africa are some of the traditional mainstays of an African travel experience, but AFKTravel goes beyond the typical activities and introduces readers to urban diversions, earthy outdoor adventures, chic hotels, elegant honeymoon hideaways, and creative culinary exploration in places like Lagos, Maputo, Kampala, and Casablanca.

AFKTravel brings this side of Africa – the finer side – to a sophisticated, affluent audience of over 65,000 business and leisure travelers hailing primarily from North America, but also from Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa itself: a global audience of web-savvy readers thirsting for new horizons in travel.

Since its launch in May 2014, AFKTravel has amassed over 3,000 articles, videos and slideshows, and over 1,350 expert hotel and restaurant reviews, which garner approximately 450,000 page views per month. The site also offers hotel bookings, deals, and user-generated reviews, making it a comprehensive resource for the plugged-in traveler who doesn’t want to waste their time toggling between multiple online resources when planning a trip.

Headquartered in both Florida (USA) and Johannesburg, South Africa, AFKTravel employs a fleet of freelance writers, photographers and videographers who are seasoned Africa experts, with a combined 400 years of experience covering the continent.

Leveraging Moguldom’s digital savvy, AFKTravel offers multiple language support, both desktop and mobile-enabled versions, and has established an impressive social media presence in a very short time period, with over 12900 Facebook likes, 9300 Twitter followers and 2300 Instagram followers.

AFKTravel is the answer for the sophisticated traveler who is itching to explore Africa — the next frontier in travel. Contact us at or visit

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