Hotel Of The Week: Sofitel Marrakech Lounge & Spa

The Sofitel Marrakech Lounge and Spa is located in one of the main hotel districts of the city, down a road that dead-ends into its grand entrance. Driving towards it, you can see the large fountain, limousines, and lavish garden looming ahead, awaiting your arrival. A red carpet allow guests to enter the grand building in style, but the red carpet treatment doesn’t end there.

The hotel is actually part of a huge two-hotel complex, the other being the Sofitel Palais Imperial. While the latter gives off an opulent feel, the former is definitely more artsy and hip. The whole place smells like exotic perfume, which you can actually purchase at the check-in desk. The halls are lined with designer boutiques filled with luxury goods, like Louis Vuitton bags and Gucci shoes; inside the lounge-side lobby sits a white grand piano with a chandelier hanging over it, a foosball table, and several couches made for lounging.

The main atrium had quite a bit of artwork on display during my stay, including vivid portraits of everybody from Steve Jobs to Nelson Mandela to Charlie Chaplin. High above the floor, a Magritte-like art installation of black and white umbrellas hung in the air.


Sofitel Marrakech

Photo courtesy of Sofitel Marrakesh

The minute I walked into my room, I could barely restrain myself from diving straight into the cloud-like bed — which was indeed as comfortable as it looked. I never really wanted to leave the bed, especially when I had to check out the next morning. In the room I found a Sofitel catalog where all the fabulous linens and pillows are available to purchase for your own home — I’m still saving up.

The interior of the room doesn’t really have a traditional Moroccan vibe to it. Instead, it goes for a more conventional Western-style polished and upscale hotel chic, which it pulls it off nicely. The great patios offer couches and views of the Atlas Mountains. The couch has enough room for several people and is the perfect place for an afternoon nap in the shade, or an evening cocktail: If you go outside around sunset, details in the mountains become much more clear than during the hazy days — truly something not worth missing.

There are also a number of clubs, bars and restaurants are on site, plus a fantastic pool — just be aware that 100 other people will probably be there at any given time. Guests also have access to the grounds of the Palais Imperial. The tea room is wonderful, as is the massive dining area for breakfast (though it’s not complimentary). For relaxation, a spa, jacuzzi, and heated pool are also available.

I had a bit of a problem checking in, but the service was more than helpful when it came to sorting everything out.The situation wasn’t even their fault, but they handled it with ease and more importantly, treated me like a VIP in the process. While I waited for my room to become available I was served a variety of croissants, pastries and mint tea while lounging on a comfy couch. Complimentary drinks and macarons were also sent to my room.

When it’s all said and done, the Sofitel Lounge and Spa can definitely go head-to-head with other luxury brands in the city, and its attention to detail and level of service puts it at the top of its game.

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