Restaurant Of The Week: Mo-Zam-Bik, Johannesburg

Mo-Zam-Bik restaurant in Linksfield is a family-oriented place that provides something special for all the members of your clan. Adults will enjoy a festive atmosphere and delectable Mozambican food and drink, while the kids will be in heaven on the playground complete with inflatable jumping castles, jungle gyms and video games.

mozambik-linksfieldThis spacious restaurant can rival any other in the number of tables available and the sheer volume of space it occupies. But don’t be fooled, getting a booking on any night of the week or during the weekend is tricky due to its popularity, so it is best to book a few days or a week in advance for any party of more than two.

A lovely and unique touch that stood out for me was the appetizer of peanuts wrapped in a brown paper cone, which is a tradition that the restaurant carries through from its Mozambican cultural roots — much better and more appetizing than a piece of bread, in my opinion. Another unique advantage is the selection of drinks that you will not find anywhere else, including a quenching Mozambican-style craft beer.

To say that the sauces used in the preparation of seafood, meat and chicken were delicious would be an understatement, as they are simply sublime and will get you scooping up every last spoonful for use in the chips, rice or other sides that accompany any main meal.

Mo-Zam-Bik kids section

Mo-Zam-Bik kids section (Peter Pedroncelli)

But be warned, while sacana-style rump may not sound like a fire hazard, it will burn you to the core, so only indulge in this particular sauce if you are very brave and your insides are lined with milk. My personal favourite is the Mo-Zam-Bik style rump; don’t be put off by the purple sauce, it is phenomenal.

Though it’s famous for its chicken, I would add that the calamari and steaks are exquisite, while a selection of tasty desserts are on offer for anyone who manages to make it to the other side of the generous portions without feeling satisfied. I would recommend the chocolate rissoles with Bar One chocolate as a wonderful way to end the meal.

Mo-Zam-Bik certainly was a great experience, and a wonderful way to spend an afternoon or an evening, while it can be a godsend for those looking to enjoy a fantastic meal while the kids are pleasantly and safely occupied.

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