Restaurant Of The Week: Sherlaton, Lagos

The Sherlaton is something of an institution amongst the expats of Vic Island. It has been here for 30 years and holds claim to being the first Indian restaurant in Lagos.


Courtesy of Diva_fatale / TripAdvisor

It’s tucked away behind the Cumberland Hotel on a site that also comprises a small supermarket and the ‘Nirvana Lounge’ discotheque. It’s popular with expats, mainly due to huge portions and extremely good value (roughly N4000 a head).

It’s not just the prices though; the food is excellent. Indian staples like jhalfrezi, kadai and vindaloo all come in for around N2000 whilst signature dishes like raan e sherlaton (leg of lamb marinated in spices) comes in at N5500. As the waiters rush through the double doors to the kitchen flames lick from the tandoori ovens and a succession of exotic aromas and spices waft there way over the diners.

Decor is simple and austere; the only decoration is a large flat screen TV on one wall and the piped music soundtrack isn’t winning any awards. It’s really not about the decoration or the soundtrack, it’s always busy. Expect a roughly equal split between Indian, expat and Nigerian diners, all taking advantage of the 24 hrs. opening times.

Manager Rajesh is a convivial host, courteous to a fault and happy to chat about his 30 years on the Island. Those looking for an authentic Indian meal in Lagos look no further.

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