Join The #InLoveWithAfrica Twitter Chat!

When: On Wednesday, February 10, at 1:30pm Eastern Standard Time, 8:30pm South African Standard Time

Theme: Romance!

How long: About 1 hour

Where: Twitter, at hashtag #InLoveWithAfrica

Who: Hosted by @AFKTravel, co-hosted by @AfricaChannelTV @RoxanneReidSA @DiBrown5 @eagerjourneys and @FreemadicLife


  • 1:35 pm – Q1: What does the word “romance” conjure up in your mind, when it comes to Africa? #InLoveWithAfrica
  • 1:43 pm – Q2: If you had to pick just one, what do you think is the overall most romantic destination in Africa, and why? #InLoveWithAfrica
  • 1:51 pm – Q3: What is the most romantic experience you’ve ever had in Africa? Share a pic! #InLoveWithAfrica
  • 1:59 pm – Q4: What is the least romantic place you’ve visited in Africa, and why? #InLoveWithAfrica
  • 2:07 pm – Q5: Which African place did you expect to be romantic, but turned out not to be? #InLoveWithAfrica
  • 2:15 pm – Q6: Is there a particular African hotel that you like to escape to for romantic getaways? Share a pic! #InLoveWithAfrica
  • 2:23 pm – Q7: Are you planning a romantic holiday in Africa in the next year? If so, where to, and what’s the occasion? #InLoveWithAfrica

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