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    Jan 1970 · Hasmita Bhana

    Johannesburg has no shortage of Italian restaurants, but Tortellino d’Oro is not your average pizza and pasta joint. A “trattoria"...

    Johannesburg has no shortage of Italian restaurants, but Tortellino d’Oro is not your average pizza and pasta joint. A “trattoria” in the true sense of the word, this restaurant is owned by a Bolognese family and has been around since 1986, when it was just 35 square metres in size. Today, it’s more than 15 times as large, and the sunny deck is jam packed with happy patrons every day. The owner’s goal was to recreate traditional meals that reminded him of his childhood in Bologna, such that each meal brought back a memory.

    The restaurant extends into a delicatessen, offering a huge array of premade pasta sauces, homemade pastas, breads, and desserts. Stock up on extra-virgin olive oil, or choose from the wide range of antipasti, including artichokes, an Italian favourite, done three different ways: stuffed, in a tart, or in a lasagna.

    Ice creams are made on site, using the freshest produce available, and served in a novel ice bowl.  The staff will happily allow you to taste as many flavours as you like- make sure to try the Nutella. In the deli, you’ll also find Italy’s best panettone, a rich Italian bread made with eggs, fruit, and butter, imported directly from the Italian producers.

    The signature dish on the menu, hence the name, is homemade tortellini (R110). It is the shape of a belly button with a filling of Parma ham, mortadella, chicken, and Parmesan. The story of how this pasta originated is interesting – according to legend, a beautiful dame was travelling to Bologna in her coach and stopped at a simple lodge. The host peeped through the front door’s keyhole and caught a glimpse of her belly button, then went to the kitchen to reproduce it in the shape of a pasta. Take your pick from a few different sauces to accompany your tortellini — napoletana, cream and mushroom, or butter and sage. The latter is rather rich, for something lighter, request the “papalina” sauce, a mix of napoletana and cream and mushroom, which results in a delicious, tangy meal.

    If you’re watching your carb consumption, spinach malfetti is a great choice. Spinach and ricotta dumplings are baked in your choice of the same sauces listed above, and served piping hot. The mixture is also prepared in cannelloni, and both these and the dumplings are available in the deli fridge for you to purchase and make at home, as are the full range of pasta sauces.

    Prices are on the high side, but aren’t out of line when compared to other upmarket Italian restaurants in Joburg, and the spectacular bread basket plus complimentary sparkling wine on arrival helps to justify the cost. If you’re on a budget, rather skip starters (the selection mostly consists of salads priced at around R100) and head straight to mains.

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