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    4.0 rating based on 1 rating
    Nov 2014 · Karen Elowitt

    When I first walked up to Scrooge diner, I felt like I was entering a German beer hall. Casually dressed...

    When I first walked up to Scrooge diner, I felt like I was entering a German beer hall. Casually dressed patrons sat at picnic tables on a covered patio drinking beer out of tall glasses while misters kept the summer heat at bay. After I was seated I realized that there are even some German items on the menu, such as schnitzel, German meatloaf, German bratwurst, and pork neck roast with homemade Spitzle noodles, sauerkraut and brown gravy. Despite this, it is not a German restaurant, just a casual dining joint.

    If you want a meal with a pedigree, Scrooge is the wrong place. The menu tends towards cheap and cheerful comfort foods such as ribs, burgers, wings, and seafood platters, plus a few Mexican, Indian and Mediterranean items thrown in for good measure: Greek salad, curry of the day, nachos con carne, and Mexican baked potatoes. The comfort food theme continues in the drinks and desserts: they have milkshakes, fruity cocktails, and items such as cheesecake and tiramisu.

    This isn’t a place to be restrained; indulgence is encouraged. Serving sizes are huge, messes are expected (bowls of water and extra serviettes are supplied with all rib platters), and if you eat a whole kilogram of steak within 60 minutes you get a free cap and a mention on their Facebook page. Woof woof!

    I started out with a deliciously decadent milkshake, then moved on to the cheesy garlic bread, which was large enough to feed a whole football team. It was absolutely saturated with butter and seemed as if each slice had an entire clove of garlic on it. I wolfed it down like a starving sailor then moved on to the meat platter, which was good, but not excellent. The barbecue sauce on the pork ribs did not have much barbecue flavor, in my opinion. The chicken wings were also tasty, but I never did figure out what kind of sauce was on them.

    Scrooge has friendly attentive staff and a pleasant location on Brightwater Commons, facing the flea market and mini duck pond. (There is both indoor and outdoor seating.) It’s a great place to bring the whole family for a lunch break while you’re out shopping.

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