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2 Meyer Street, Kenilworth 7735, South Africa



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    2.0 rating based on 1 rating
    Nov 2014 · BiancaFernandes

    Rascal’s Restaurant and Bar in Claremont is very popular among the locals and used to be known for some delicious...

    Rascal’s Restaurant and Bar in Claremont is very popular among the locals and used to be known for some delicious pizza and grills. Unfortunately my last visit to this homely pub was a whole different experience and makes me think that it’s become more of a bar than a restaurant.

    Rascal’s has never been fancy, upmarket or fine dining, but there was once a level of quality in their service and appearance. Things seem to have fallen to the wayside as the tables, floors and almost the entire restaurant was grimy and dirty, so much so that it was hard to ignore. There was a football game on and the guys with their draughts looked to be having a great time.
    I was excited to order because it used to be a treat to visit Rascal’s for their big, tasty pizzas. I decided to start with the cheesy garlic roll because I was starving. When it arrived I was quite shocked. It was simply an old hamburger bun with some garlic and rancid tasting melted cheese on top. I ate it as I didn’t want to seem rude but must admit that I felt quite sick afterwards. For mains, the ribs and chips which was extremely cheap. When it arrived I realized why it was so cheap. The ribs were cold, dry and tasted like vinegar. I also ordered one of my favourite pizzas but when I started to tuck in, it just wasn’t the same. Low quality ingredients and bland taste made my pizza experience unpleasant and disheartening. I couldn’t eat more than 2 pieces as I still felt sick from the starter and was ready to get out of there!

    If you’re going to enjoy some sports or meet up with friends for a beer, Rascal’s is a great pub, just don’t wear white clothes. If you’re looking for value for money, there food is cheap but don’t be disappointed when it’s not as good as it used to be!

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