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78 Durban Road, Little Mowbray, Cape Town, Western Cape, Mowbray 7700, South Africa




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3.5 rating based on 2 ratings
3.5 rating based on 2 ratings
3.5 rating based on 2 ratings
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    4.0 rating based on 1 rating
    Mar 2015 · BiancaFernandes

    On A Roll AKA The Dog Kitchen is still quite new and undiscovered, but let me tell you, it’s definitely...

    On A Roll AKA The Dog Kitchen is still quite new and undiscovered, but let me tell you, it’s definitely worth the trip! Located opposite the popular Fat Cactus in Mowbray, On A Roll specialized in gourmet hot dogs, classic American diner atmosphere and amazing Elvis fries that you absolutely HAVE to try out. You’ll also find a great kiddies menu, gourmet burgers, pork riblets, slow roasted Einstein and a few other unexpected delights on the menu. If you’re in the mood for a great breakfast, they offer all day breakfast where you can get things like mix and match cereal, French toast and a breakfast hotdog. Yum! It’s also a great place to catch the game as they have a great bar and projector screen alongside the restaurant where you can eat, drink and be merry with some of the regulars. I found the service to be excellent, friendly and very accommodating! My food was served quickly and my favourite part of this dining experience was the accompany chilli and garlic paste, Prego sauce and gherkin relish that is served with all hotdogs so you can turn up the flavour to your wildest desires.

    On arrival, we were treated to complimentary popcorn which is just the usual at On a Roll. After spending a while browsing through their extensive menu of delicious-sounding hot dogs and other dishes, I decided to order the Surfin’ in the USA hot dog, which comprised of a 26cm pork wiener topped with chargrilled pineapple, crispy bacon, slow roasted garlic cloves and creamy mayo. I also ordered a Strawberry and Lime Daiquiri to wash it all down with. The daiquiri was so tasty that it really hit the spot after a long week, and was really reasonably priced. It went down perfectly with my island style hot dog too. As for the dog, the bun was a little bit sweet and the bacon was perfectly crispy. All in all, I would definitely recommend the Surfin’ in the USA hot dog and everything we ordered was full of flavour, made with great ingredients and made for a wonderful dining experience.

    I couldn’t leave without trying The King – Elvis fries! If you haven’t heard about these french fries yet, they’re topped with mushroom sauce, cheddar cheese and bacon bits. Although the idea is not completely unique, I must say these were the best fries I have ever eaten and can’t wait to go back and get more! Yum!

  2. Expert Review

    3.0 rating based on 1 rating
    Nov 2013 · Christine Bernard

    I was both sceptical and excited when I first heard about On a Roll Dog Kitchen. Sceptical because the menu...

    I was both sceptical and excited when I first heard about On a Roll Dog Kitchen. Sceptical because the menu seemed quite pricey for what I assumed was ultimately just a type of hot dog but excited because it looked like a proper 1950’s style America diner. I’m a big fan of having an ‘experience’ rather than just going out for a meal so I was hoping that my excitement was for good reason.

    It’s a cute little place, and with a bit more attention I think it could be a lot bigger and better than it currently is. It has huge potential and I wish more people knew about it.

    We cozied up in a booth and ordered a round of beers. I felt like we should be having milkshakes but it was the end of a long week and a cold refreshing beer was needed. The menu choice is huge and it was difficult to make a choice. In the end I went with the ‘Geek – or is it Greek?’, which was a 26cm wiener with Swiss chard, feta & caramelised onion. I had to swallow my words when it arrived. This was no ordinary hot dog. This was a meal. A huge meal, with a portion of fries that was almost too much to finish. I loved it. Some of the other hot dogs ordered that night were the Batman, which was French bulldog bauernbratwurst sausage with camembert cheese, caramelised fig and baby leaves drizzled with a balsamic glaze, and The Big Oink, a 26cm wiener with roast butternut, crispy bacon and sage cream.

    Monday night is karaoke, Tuesday night is their two for one drinks special and Wednesday night is their quiz night.

    A very fun and unpretentious place (which sometimes make a welcome change)!

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