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134 Main Road, Kalk Bay, Kalk Bay 7975, South Africa


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    4.0 rating based on 1 rating
    Dec 2014 · Grant

    It was peak holiday season in Cape Town (Christmas eve), so I figured a train ride to Kalk Bay would...

    It was peak holiday season in Cape Town (Christmas eve), so I figured a train ride to Kalk Bay would be the best way to go.

    The trip takes about 40 minutes. After about 20 the train line runs parallel to the beach — literally on the rocks at some places — and the vistas are breathtaking at that point.

    Getting off at Kalk Bay station, one is greeted by the sight of two restaurants, one on each side of the platform. 100m along the road is Olympia Cafe.

    At 11.45am the place was packed, with more people following me in. I had to hustle to get a table. Packed to capacity, still more people were trying their luck. The atmosphere inside was beyond vibrant, bordering carnival-like. Chatting, giggling and laughing came from everywhere.

    I decided on a croissant, baked with mozzarella and ham inside, served with mushrooms and cherry tomatoes. I tore the top of the croissant to reveal the peppered ham swimming in mozzarella. I tucked in !

    Oh my, that croissant was something special — the last one I had like that was about 30 years ago from a tiny bakery near my grandparents home. Nothing on my plate could have been better. All British tab etiquette went out the window as I cleared the place of every morsel and crumb to be found – it was perfection!!

    Olympia has become legendary, almost an institution, for their bakery. As full as I was, I was not going to miss the opportunity. Off to the cake counter I went and spied the baked cheesecake. “Eat Me” it was screaming. Being polite and all that, I obliged. I’m so glad I’m polite, it was superb.

    If you are in Cape Town, do the trip – it is so worth it !

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