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    Oct 2014 · Dana Sanchez

    A kosher bakery and deli in the heart of kosher Johannesburg, Mooz Brothers has been described as "creative dairy." The owners...

    A kosher bakery and deli in the heart of kosher Johannesburg, Mooz Brothers has been described as “creative dairy.”

    The owners have found every creative way to work the word “moo” into their menu and the effect is charming and endearing, especially for kids and families.
    On the s-moo-thie menu, there’s Moolia — yogurt, banana, mango, coconut milk cardamon, techinah and “moosli.” The sandwich menu features joo moo — salmon and cream cheese with homemade pickles, red onion and black pepper.
    The overaching theme of the restaurant is “from moo to you.”
    I had lunch there on a Monday, the quietest day of the week at Mooz in Sandringham.
    The cheese blinis came highly recommended. My portion was huge and the price was definitely right. For 30 rand it was a meal in itself. It came piping hot with a crispy shell dusted in cinnamon sugar and bathed in a cream cheese sauce.
    I didn’t stop there.
    I ordered a savory blini too — with asparagus — and it was just as creamy and scrumptious as the sweet one. The savory blinis come in other flavors including butternut and feta, feta and spinach, tuna and salmon.
    Mooz‘s cheesecake is so famous, there a person who works full time at the restaurant just making cheesecake and lasagna.
    Cheesecake comes in a variety of flavors — marble, cinnamon, espresso, lemon and lemon meringue, to name a few. The most popular is the classic, straight-up version, said owner Mandy Meyerowitz.
    Without giving away too many secrets, the cheesecake crust is made of cookies that have been baked, then crushed, pressed into the pie tin, covered with cheescake batter and baked again.
    What else can you get at the restaurant? Cakes and cookies and donuts, deli food, pasta, salads, pizza, sandwiches, lasagnas, challah, chips and nachos, to name a few. On Jewish holidays, people wait in long, snaking lines for challah.
    Popular menu items include the ceasar salad and jap salad with nori rice and salmon — your choice of sashimi style, grilled or smoked.
    Catered platters include quinoa salad with roasted veggies.
    For the rabbis who want their kosher food ultra supervised, the restaurant offers halav Yisrael — glatt kosher, which means beyond kosher.
    Mooz Brothers started eight years ago in a 10-meter-by-10-meter space. Now the entire operation with baking on the premises occupies three floors.
    Most of the customers customize their choices on the menu, Mandy told me. This is not only expected but welcomed. “People invariably make their own menu,” she said. “They change the menu to suit themselves.”
    One of the restaurant’s most popular items is freezochinos — frozen coffee drinks. They’re a South African thing, Mandy told me. At Mooz Brothers, they’re known as moozochinos. Mandy and Yoni Helper, who runs the restaurant, wouldn’t let me leave without trying one. They’re creamy and addictive.


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