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Palmyra Junction, Palmyra Road, Claremont, Cape Town, South Africa


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4.0 rating based on 1 rating
3.0 rating based on 1 rating
3.0 rating based on 1 rating
3.0 rating based on 1 rating
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    3.0 rating based on 1 rating
    Jan 2015 · Bianca Fernandes

    Knead Bakery has become extremely popular in Cape Town since they opened a few years back and there’s a good...

    Knead Bakery has become extremely popular in Cape Town since they opened a few years back and there’s a good reason why! They are known for their great pizzas, awesome wooden décor and of course their gluten-free baked goods. You’ll find a Knead Bakery in a few hip area of South Africa and Cape Town, but the best one has the be the Kloof Street branch. You can’t beat the atmosphere for the Knead on Kloof and at night the place turns into a great restaurant to relax with friends over a great meal and some craft beers. Think artisan meals with a rustic twist, that’s how Knead does it! They run a bunch of great initiatives like the knitting club, where you can knit for charity while you’re dining.

    For lunch, I ordered the Ham and Pineapple pizza on a gluten-free base, which costs only R5 extra. Most places charge much more for a gluten-free base and it’s usually inedible. Knead’s pizzas are long instead of round and I love their authenticity! The gluten-free base was crispy and didn’t taste like plastic or glue like they usually do. The base was tender and only an expert could really tell the difference. The cheese is outstanding and all in all, I would definitely recommend getting a pizza of your choice at Knead. It’s what they’re known for!

    For dessert, I ordered the Carrot Cake which came in a big portion and was very fresh and moist. Their selection of baked goods will have you salivating as you walk past the bakery counter and there’s always a big selection of delicious sweets and pastries to choose from. Yum!
    All in all, Knead is the coolest place out, no matter where you go. If you want good coffee, great food and the feeling of being at a friendly stranger’s house, then I would definitely recommend Knead. I have yet to have a bad experience at any of the Knead branches, but the Kloof Street branch is a sure home-run every time!

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