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21, Rue de Tunis, Quartier Hassan , 10000 – Rabat


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    3.0 rating based on 1 rating
    May 2015 · jkennedy

    Kangourou Grill is tucked away on a quiet street next to the Mercure Rabat Scherazade and has entrances through the...

    Kangourou Grill is tucked away on a quiet street next to the Mercure Rabat Scherazade and has entrances through the hotel and a separate entrance on the street, too. While it’s in the vicinity of Tour Hassan, it’s several blocks off any main street, so make sure you have the address before going. The decor inside is contemporary and features several large plush booth seats which are great for large parties. You’ll usually find a mix of tourists and locals coming in to enjoy the somewhat fancy atmosphere for the area. While we were there, there was a table of 20 local football players that looked like they had just finished a game, while the rest of the restaurant was full of German and French tourists.

    Upon being seated, we were served delicious bread that came in different styles including poppy seed, sesame and olive rolls, served with delicious french butter. Apparently the bread is unlimited as well, as we definitely went through a few baskets. However, there was a slight problem, as we weren’t given any plates and ended up making a bit of a mess.

    The menu includes mostly standard Moroccan fare with a bit of continental cuisine mixed in. We went with the chicken tagine and baked salmon with vegetables. Both dishes took a bit long to come out, and it wasn’t served with the usual lid that is often brought to your table in Morocco that adds to the presentation, but that was fine by us. The tagine sauce had an extremely strong lemon sauce that was a bit overpowering, but still tasty. While the chicken was juicy, it wasn’t as tender as it could have been. The salmon was as expected, but certainly nothing mind-blowing.
    For those looking for a larger course, a buffet is also available some nights and is ordered per plate where you can load it with as many veggies, meats and olives as possible. I must admit that after getting up and looking at the excellent buffet spread, I had a bit of buyer’s remorse for the tagine.

    For dessert, we tried to order the chocolate fondant but after a few minutes of waiting, the waitress came back and said it was unavailable. We then tried to order the almond tart with ice cream — same result. We were told they had a lemon tart with vanilla ice cream instead, and considering the time we had already spent waiting, decided to for it. The tart was actually fantastic and was topped with a bright lemon zest that went perfect with the ice cream. We also got it on the house, so the taste was even sweeter.

    Service was slow throughout the meal and at times we felt a bit ignored compared to some of the other diners in the restaurant. Getting the bill was equally slow and we had to wait while they cleaned off other tables before bringing it to us. They did seem a bit understaffed though, and only saw two people serving about 30-40 diners. If you do eat here, plan on staying awhile.

    It’s a great place to get a bite if you are planning on going to Tour Hassan and want a large meal that won’t break the bank.

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