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    4.0 rating based on 1 rating
    May 2014 · Kate Thomas

    It's a shame about the name, because at first glance, this great Melville hang-out spot sounds a bit like a...

    It’s a shame about the name, because at first glance, this great Melville hang-out spot sounds a bit like a drab cybercafe. Yes, there’s free Wi-Fi – and more IT-related stuff as well – but if only all co-working spaces were like this one: quirky wallpaper, comfortable sofas, corners for chats with friends or colleagues, a cake bar and a big menu brimming with healthy sandwiches. And the best coffee and tea menu in Melville.

    The IT Corner sits on the corner of 7th Street, stylish Melville’s main thoroughfare, and is open daily from 7:30am until 7:30pm. It’s amazing it’s not busier, usually peopled with just the right amount of bums on seats to create a nice atmosphere and to allow for everyone to get some work done. Grab a seat at the big table in the upstairs room, or sink into the crook of one of the sofas while you browse the web; the only drawback is that the free internet access tickets expire after one hour, so you’ll have to keep logging out and back in again if you plan to linger.

    The staff are happy for you to do that, so long as you order from the menu, and they’ve created a great list of food and drinks that makes it hard to say no to that. The Marrakesh coffee blend (R14 a cup) is freshly-roasted and always good. Tea-drinkers can also tap into that Moroccan flavor with a pot of sweet mint tea, served with South African honey in North African-style shot glasses. It’d be rude not to have a slice of the carrot cake (R15) with that. If you’re here for lunch, the halloumi and avocado crepes are good, while the sandwich list has four options: chicken, beef, veggies or tuna, served on toasted ciabatta or health bread and with a dollop of colorful salad. There’s also a selection of hot options, and you can come for breakfast and try the Full English (R45) or the Health Breakfast (R38), with muesli, fresh fruit, honey, and yoghurt.

    As for the work stuff, you can browse, print, and scan to your heart’s content. We printed what felt like an entire book, and the staff barely raised an eyebrow. Printing services cost R1.50 per page. Laminating and binding is also possible, and the resident IT experts can exterminate viruses, back up your data, or rent you a laptop (R10 for 30 minutes), too. Check the website for events listings; photography exhibitions, and even salsa sessions are regular happenings.

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