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Alphen Drive, The Alphen Boutique Hotel, Constantia, South Africa


Contemporary, European, Italian

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Breakfast/Brunch, Dinner, Doing Business, Families with children, Lunch, Reservations, Wheelchair Accessible



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    Jan 1970 · Rebekah Kendal

    The 5 Rooms restaurant at the Alphen Hotel in Constantia is the kind of place where you expect to see...

    The 5 Rooms restaurant at the Alphen Hotel in Constantia is the kind of place where you expect to see old money. As the name suggests, the restaurant occupies five intimate rooms in an historical Cape Dutch building that dates back to 1753. The décor, which hints at the illustrious history of the establishment with a rich palette, heavy fabrics and antique furniture, is tailored to suit each room. In the Landscape Room, for example, the walls are covered in landscape paintings.

    The lounge, where you can have a drink or two before your meal, is posh but cozy – plush chairs and couches are grouped in front of a roaring fire and live jazz keeps patrons entertained. Be warned though: the wine list is ridiculously pricey. In fact, if you order the winter special for dinner (approximately $22 for a three-course meal), you’ll probably end up paying more for a bottle of good-but-not-great wine than you do for your meal.

    Given that this is the sort of restaurant that you’ll need to get a little dressed up for – with prices that probably push it into the ‘special occasions’ category – it’s just as well that the food is impressive and the service exemplary. The plating is elegant and menu descriptions are accurate. On the winter menu, you’ll find juicy grilled sirloin, tasty vegetarian tarts, and pan-fried line fish with hints of spring onion and lemon grass.

    The service, whilst knowledgeable, is far less stuffy than you would expect of an establishment that embraces the sophistication of a bygone era. In addition to having a thorough knowledge of the menu and wine list, our friendly waiter was happy to share some of the history of the manor house and the family that has owned it for generations.

    Be sure to book; for good value, opt for the special; and arrive early so that you can soak up the atmosphere in the lounge or at the bar.

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