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    5.0 rating based on 1 rating
    Jan 2016 · Peter Pedroncelli

    Beira Alta is the kind of restaurant that most people save for that special occasion. Looking around at the other...

    Beira Alta is the kind of restaurant that most people save for that special occasion. Looking around at the other patrons in the softly lit room that is decorated in typical Portuguese regalia, it is clear to see that this assumption is correct.

    From the moment you walk into the Montecasino establishment, you feel taken care of, as though you are dining at a five-star hotel restaurant, with very well-trained, and well-dressed staff showing care to treat you like a member of a royal family. A seat out on the balcony is a treat, as you can enjoy your meal while listening to live music and people-watching, but book ahead if you are hoping to find a balcony spot.

    The prices are expensive in comparison to similar fine-dining Portuguese restaurants, but the food that emerges from the kitchen is worth every rand. Incredible flavours ensure that the chicken, meat and seafood that Beira Alta is known for stand out as delectable signature dishes. The 1kg prawns are an absolute treat, and patrons often fall silent as they dig in and appreciate the messy, sticky and saucy perfection that arrives with a side of Portuguese-style fried chips, which are seasoned impeccably.

    My personal favourite is the traditional bitoque, which is a lovely piece of rump pan-fried in a beer mustard sauce and topped with an egg and those addictive fries. The chef gets a massive thumbs-up for this medium to well masterpiece; the juicy top-quality meat melted in my mouth and disappeared far too quickly for my liking.

    In typical Portuguese fashion, the portions are very generous, and the romantic ambiance makes this the ideal spot for a date night or an anniversary dinner, but I also noticed groups of friends gathered for get-togethers and birthday parties at the popular two-storey eatery.

    I doubt there is ever an empty belly in the place after a meal, and certainly no food left behind, as doggy bags are on hand to ensure that the culinary delights are brought home for further enjoyment later on.

    A meal here should be capped off in fine style by one of the aromatic specialty coffees available, or a delightful cocktail prepared by seasoned hands at the fully equipped bar. Try a Brazilian cocktail called a caipirinha, made with Brazilian cane spirit, lime fruit, sugar and crushed ice; very refreshing in the South African heat.

    Beira Alta is a wonderful place to enjoy a delicious meal, and while it will cost you slightly more than most high end restaurants in Johannesburg, this Portuguese spot is worth a visit if you bring along a healthy appetite.

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