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    4.0 rating based on 1 rating
    Oct 2014 · Dana Sanchez

    Sundown Guest House at 107 Sommerschield is both lodgings and a restaurant, and benefits from being in an area of...

    Sundown Guest House at 107 Sommerschield is both lodgings and a restaurant, and benefits from being in an area of some residential-turned-office buildings in a city that’s short on office space.

    A desirable address in Maputo, Sommerschield is home to Frelimo political party headquarters in Maputo.

    With eight guest rooms, Sundown Guest House is on a quiet street overlooking a well-maintained park that features a statue of the first Frelimo party head.

    Denis Dizdarevic, the Bosnian-Mozambican proprietor of Sundown, rents the property, and you could say he’s leveraged his investment for all it’s worth. Guests pay to stay here, eat here, and people from the nearby political party and NGO headquarters dine here for breakfast and lunch.

    The guest house caters to businessmen and women in Maputo visiting from South Africa, U.S., Europe, Canada and Australia. Many are connected to the U.N. and local non-government organizations.

    My second-floor room was spacious and the queen-size bed was inviting with a pretty embroidered-linen bedspread. The mosquito net turned out to be more than decorative.

    I spent several pleasant hours working on my laptop on the balcony overlooking Frelimo Park. My Wi-Fi connection was excellent. I accidentally left the sliding glass door open without the screen in place, inadvertently inviting mosquitoes in. They flooded into my room and waited until nighttime.

    The mosquito net helped with that.

    My bathroom was spacious but not fancy. The tile and paint looked like they’d been updated. I could work everything in the bathroom and bedroom except the TV.

    Dizdarevic runs the guest house in a rented building that was once a two-family home. About 80 percent of his business, he said, is repeat customers who like the homey atmosphere of the place and the fact that they can get meals at Sundown Restaurant. Breakfast is included.

    With a degree in hospitality, Dizdarevic ran several restaurants in the U.S. before starting his own in 2012 as a way to enhance the services at his Maputo guesthouse. “It was an economic necessity,” he told me. “We rent the house and rent went up. We had to find a way to make money.”

    One of Dizdarevic’s customers liked the place so much, he lives here full time. Dizdarevic said he’s made the guest house and restaurant a place where he likes to socialize.

    “It doesn’t feel like work,” he said as we sat at a table in the front garden, which serves as the Sundown restaurant. “My friends come visit me here. Thankfully I can sit down and have coffee.”

    There was a low-key, friendly atmosphere in the indoor and outdoor common areas at Sundown Guest House. This is definitely a place where you’ll easily be able to interact with other guests and get information on where to go in Mozambique.

    A South African businessman who spends a lot of time in Maputo told me Sundown is the only place he stays.

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