Andaluz Boutique Hotel

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25 Overport Dr, Durban, 4001, South Africa


Air Conditioning, Airport Transportation, Beverage Selection, Business Center, Free Breakfast, Free Parking, In-room safe, Laundry Service, Wifi


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3.0 rating based on 1 rating
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    3.0 rating based on 1 rating
    Sep 2015 · Karen Elowitt

    Located in the Essenwood neighborhood near the Botanic Gardens, the Andaluz has all the requisite amenities – just a half-dozen...

    Located in the Essenwood neighborhood near the Botanic Gardens, the Andaluz has all the requisite amenities – just a half-dozen rooms, a casually intimate atmosphere, attentive service, and a modicum of style – but it’s a bit rough around the edges.

    As far as boutique hotels in Durban are concerned, Andaluz is perfectly comfortable, but definitely not top tier. However it doesn’t really aspire to be an Oyster Box or Audacia Manor – as a budget hotel, it’s far more spartan and low-key.

    On my recent stay I was warmly greeted upon check-in, but my mood was soon darkened by the fact that my second-floor room was up a steep, narrow stairway, with no elevator in sight and a very heavy bag (staff did carry it up for me, though). Little imperfections in the room that wouldn’t have bothered me were there only one or two began to loom larger when they started to add up. The door handle in the bathroom was loose and there were no towel racks, the cheap plastic rubbish bins were ugly, there were few power outlets, the walls were devoid of any adornments, the headboards blocked the windows, and the cheap blinds did little to block the light from the street. My street-facing room was also not particularly quiet, especially when the morning rush hour traffic began. (My suggestion would be to request a rear-facing room.) On the plus side, the room was fairly spacious, the beds were super comfortable, the tile floors were lovely, there was fairly fast internet, and a late-model LCD TV.

    The free breakfast is served in the cramped downstairs dining room and consists of some cereals, fruits, tea and coffee, pastries and cooked-to-order hot dishes such as eggs and sausage. Nothing to write home about, but served cheerfully and capable of filling you up before a business meeting or day of sightseeing.

    Despite the underwhelming nature of the hotel it does offer two unique perks: it caters to Muslim guests (with the expected bathroom modifications) and offers halal food in the dining area, and instead of a spa there’s the Fine Gentlemen’s Grooming Club in the lobby which offers shaves, haircuts and facials – to men only. If you’re a lady looking to beautify, I’m afraid you’ll have to go elsewhere.

    Though the hotel is centrally located, it’s not necessarily easy to walk to attractions and restaurants. The nearest eatery is the unremarkable Oscar’s on the corner and the Overport mall is nearby, but everything else (stadium, beaches, Marine World) is best reached by taxi or bus, especially at night. It’s not a bad neighborhood, but quite deserted after 6pm with little foot traffic.

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