You’re Gonna Love These 10 Delicious Dishes From Mauritius

The food of Mauritius is some of the most diverse in Africa and is heavily influenced by the cuisines of China, France and India. This distinct combination gives it flavor profiles that are unlike anything you will find in Sub-Saharan Africa. From spicy curries, to crunchy snacks , to creamy drinks, here are 10 delicious dishes from Mauritius!


Even though this is more of a side dish than a main course, achar is served with so many different meals in Mauritius, it might be the number one food you eat. Achar is made with spicy pickled vegetables and fruits with intense spices that go perfectly with roti, curry, daal, or even just plain rice. Before you know it, you’ll be putting it on everything, too.

Dholl Puri

These delicious Mauritian flatbreads are served on the street just about anywhere you go in the country. If you’ve had Indian paratha bread, this will be pretty similar but with a distinct taste due to it being made with yellow split peas (dal). Be sure to put the achar on it.

Mauritian shaved ice

After eating some spicy Mauritian food, the perfect way to cool down is by getting some Mauritian shaved ice. Forget about the snow cones or shaved ice you might be used to back home. Mauritians usually serve it over fresh fruit like mango and kiwi then coat it in a simple syrup. The taste is much more natural and delicious this way.

Victoria pineapples

While you might think of pineapple as another way to cool down after a meal, the way its served up in Mauritius won’t help to cool your mouth much. A typical street stand will slice the tiny Victoria pineapple up then coat it in sea salt and chili for an interesting kick. It’s similar to how some fruit is served on the street in Mexico.


Since we’re on a sweet kick, we might as well mention one of the country’s most famous drinks — alouda! This pink (and sometimes green) milkshake-like drink is made with tapioca, syrup, almond, milk, basil seeds and other flavors. This drink is unlike anything you’ve ever had, unless you’ve had the similar falooda that’s popular in South African Cape Malay cuisine.

Roti chaud

Along with dholl puri, roti chaud is one of the more popular street foods that you can find literally everywhere in the country at stands like the one pictured above. If you’ve eaten much Indian food, it’s going to be pretty similar, but Mauritians have their own unique spices and toppings that give it a distinct twist.

Sugarcane juice

Like many island nations, one of the favorite drinks of Mauritius is sugarcane juice. This should also be an easy one to find and is available on street corners in most towns. You might think it’s going to be overly sweet, but the end result has a subtle flavor that isn’t anymore sweet than your average soda.

Fish curry, Mauritian style

You knew this one was coming didn’t you? With such strong Indian influences, it’s no wonder that curry is one of the best things to try in the country. However, don’t expect what you get in Indian restaurants. The curry in Mauritius is a creole curry that has a tomato base and a different spice profile. Since you’re on an island, you might as well go for the fish, too.

Gateau piment

These tiny little balls are one of the most popular foods to nibble on the island. Like many dishes, they are made with dal, a heavy dose of spring onions, and chili flakes before being fried to a golden-brown crisp. There are many more similar snacks that Mauritians eat called ‘gajaks,’ but this is undoubtedly one of the most ordered.

Local rum

After all of the delicious food, you’re going to need something to wash it down with, and you might as well make it a local specialty — rum! While it isn’t as famous as rum from the Caribbean, the rums of Mauritius are sure to be tasty and will of course get you nice and tipsy.

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