Five Must-Visit Game Lodges In KwaZulu-Natal

leopard mountain view

Courtesy of Leopard Mountain

Leopard Mountain Game Lodge – Zululand Rhino Reserve

If your budget rules out Phinda and Thanda, Leopard Mountain Game Lodge in the Zululand Rhino Reserve is an excellent choice. The reserve, which lies in the Msunduzi valley in northern Zululand, was formed when 17 landowners dropped their internal fences to create a 23,000-hectare Big Five reserve. Home to over 70 mammal species, the reserve is a haven for critically endangered species.

The four-star lodge, which overlooks a valley, comprises nine stone chalets – each with their own private plunge pool. What this lodge lacks in swank, it makes up in service. Attentive staff and knowledgeable rangers will make sure that your needs are met and then go a step further, ensuring that your stay is memorable. A nice touch at this particular lodge is that lunch takes the form of a picnic basket – you select the menu items that tickle your fancy, then eat your picnic at your leisure at a place of your choosing.

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