11 Photos Of Cairo That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Whether you consider Cairo to be intriguing or infuriating, sublime or stinking, there’s no doubt that it’s picturesque. The following photos illustrate just what a city of contrasts Cairo is. From orderly mosques to gridlocked traffic, from neon lights to faded mosaics, it’s hard to keep your eyes off this frenetic, dynamic city. Here are 11 photos that prove it.

sunset cairo


Sunset between two minarets

coptic cairo art floating church


Coptic mosaic art at the “hanging church”

cairo downtown


Cairo skyline

al azhar mosque


The courtyard of al Azhar mosque

Sofitel Cairo

Sofitel Cairo

The Sofitel hotel, at the edge of Zamalek Island in central Cairo

cairo market sunset

Darrell Arnone/flickr

A Cairo market at sunset

nile felucca


A felucca sailing on the Nile at sunset

cairo river night


Neon-lit boats on the Nile embankment at night

cairo market shoes


Leather shoes at a Cairo bazaar

mosque interior cairo


The green wooden minbar of the Great Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha

cairo traffic


Some of Cairo’s legendary traffic

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