Sugar High: The World’s Best Chocolate Cafes

If you’re on a diet, delete this article and back away immediately from your computer, because there is no going back. That’s because there are many, many places on the planet where everything on the menu is based around chocolate. So, chocolate lovers, wipe that drool off your face and pray that just reading this article won’t fatten your thighs: here are 15 of the world’s best chocolate cafes.

. La Maison Du Chocolat

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1. La Maison Du Chocolat – New York

With multiple locations around the world, La Maison Du Chocolat never lets its loyal customers down (including the chocoholics of New York). From dark chocolate macaroons with chewy insides, to creamy hot chocolate and truffles spiked with rum — you name it, this franchise has it all.

jean philippe

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2. Jean Philippe Chocolate – Las Vegas

Anyone who has visited Las Vegas is familiar with the Bellagio’s fountain. But those who actually go inside the hotel will be impressed by the sight of Jean Philippe’s impressive chocolate fountain installations, too. Satisfy your inner Augustus Gloop by going inside for true European-style pastries or finely crafted chocolate pieces.

3. Mink – Vancouver

Mink offers artisanal chocolate at its finest. Despite what the name suggest, there are no fur coats for sale, just chocolate fondue and everything imaginable slathered in cocoa, such as marshmallows, strawberries and crickets (yes, you read that right). If hot chocolate with crickets on top isn’t up your alley, you can always opt to roast your own s’mores instead.


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4. Chocolatería San Ginés – Madrid

Located in the heart of Madrid, this historically significant and popular cafe has been pleasing the locals since 1894. When dining there, visitors can order authentic churros with a side of molten-hot Spanish-style chocolate for dunking. If that doesn’t get your mouth watering, then we can’t help you.

5. Said Chocolate – Rome

Open since the 1920s, Said sells some of the best Italian chocolates, as well as treats such as Japanese pink-tea pralines. The antique and rustic atmosphere of the shop and cafe should immediately put you in the mood for sampling old-fashioned cocoa treats. And it’s always bustling with locals, making it one of the city’s most popular hangouts. When in Rome…

max brenner

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6. Max Brenner – Melbourne

With several locations around the world including New York and Philadelphia, this franchise brings a whole new level of enjoyment to chocolate aficionados. Don’t be surprised if the dish you order looks like a crazy science experiment with cylinders and molten chocolate lava spilling out of your fudge. To avoid intense chocolate overload, it’s advised to share a plate with a friend…or two.


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7. Cafe Sacher – Vienna

Invented in 1832 by Franz Sacher for the then-prince of Austria, the heavenly chocolate cake known as Sacher torte quickly became a sensation in Vienna. Recognizable by the edible stamps on the cake slices, tourists can find this delicacy, along with other chocolate treats and coffees, at Cafe Sacher, inside Hotel Sacher. Why pass up the opportunity to get a taste of royalty (literally and figuratively)?

8. Chocolate Hotel – Bournemouth

While this hotel doesn’t host a chocolate-themed cafe, there are distinct advantages to staying overnight at this unique Bournemouth hotel. When guests enter their rooms, they find a miniature chocolate fountain with fruits and marshmallows for dipping. In the morning, they can visit the cafe and have chocolate pancakes or crepes. Not to mention the brown interior of the hotel suspiciously looks like chocolate (and subconsciously gives guests sweets cravings).

ah cacao

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9. Ah Cacao Chocolate Cafe – Playa del Carmen

In the Mexican beach town of Playa del Carmen, visitors can not only get the finest blends of coffee, but also top-of-the-line chocolate desserts and drinks. Chocolate blended lattes, chocolate espressos, chocolate cheesecakes and chocolate hot coffee with foam art on top enhance the menu. After this orgy, you’ll never want to step inside a Starbucks again.

10. Cafe Fleuri – Boston

Maximum sugar overload warning: This Bostonian cafe has endless chocolatey dessert options, such as creme brulee, pudding, cupcakes, ice cream, chocolate-covered strawberries and even popcorn covered with hardened milk chocolate. If you want breakfast or brunch, you can opt for the chocolate banana crepes. However, it’s heavily advised to fight the urge to stick your tongue directly into the towering chocolate fountain.

11. Un Diamanche – Paris

Where do Parisians go to get their sweets fix? At Un Diamanche, locals find a cozy place to kick back and enjoy the wide variety of yummy chocolate pastries. Since it’s in Paris, it’s a given that the desserts all look like Picasso paintings.

12. Confiserie Sprungli – Zurich

Founded in 1836, this Swedish cafe and shop has proudly been keeping local dentists in business for over a century. Not only does Sprungli offer a relaxing atmosphere, the sweets are designed to wipe your stress away. Don’t forget to order the hot chocolate — it’s reputed to be the best in Europe!

13. World of Chocolate Museum and Cafe – Orlando

Is there life outside of Disney in Orlando? Why yes! Orlando’s chocolate museum and cafe not only serves delicious treats, but showcases several chocolate sculptures. The Pyramids, the London Tower, Mt. Rushmore and the Great Wall of China are all technically edible. But before you attempt to bite the nose off George Washington, remember that it’s best to go to the cafe and eat there instead (it would be polite).

14. Vosges – Chicago

With numerous locations in the United States, Vosges is famous for its chocolate bars made with unusual ingredients. Hickory smoked bacon, Sri Lankan coconut and curry, or Mexican chipotle with Ceylon cinnamon are all available to give diners an epicurean lift. Not to mention the cafes are beautiful, featuring knick-knacks like old Victorian photographs and mounted antlers.

15. Rabot1745 – London

It’s time to indulge your sinfully sweet tooth at London’s Rabot1745. This newer restaurant offers many tempting options, from chocolate apple crumbles, to gourmet brownies, to pistachio chocolate cookies. But if you’d rather have your fix in a liquid form, their chocolate-blended coffees are reputed to be some of the best in the city.

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