15 Reasons Travelers Love Swaziland

There’s very little not to love about Swaziland. From the stunning landscapes, friendly people and abundant game reserves, this small country wedged between South Africa and Mozambique has plenty to offer visitors. Here are just a few of the many reasons why travelers love this stunning country. And if you haven’t been yet, you’ll want to go after reading the list. 

1. Walking Up Sibebe Rock 

Sibebe Rock is not just a rock in the middle of nowhere, this is the largest exposed granite pluton in the world and is only second to Ayers Rock in Australia as the largest freestanding rock in the world. Travelers love walking up this amazing rock as it has incredible views from the top, swimming holes, waterfalls and awesome caves to explore. The walk takes two and half hour to reach the summit.

2. Mbuluzi Game Reserve 

Tourists love staying at Mbuluzi Game Reserve. Not only does the luxury family lodge give you a taste of Africa, but it’s also situated on the banks of the Mlawula River and Mbuluzi River. Staying at this game reserve is truly a piece of heaven.

3. Swazi Candles 

You can’t find these anywhere else in the world. Shaped as various animals and brightly coloured, Swazi Candles are perfect as gifts and souvenirs — everyone back home will love them. You can spend hours looking through the variety of candles Swaziland has to offer.

Mantenga_Cultural_Village in swaziland

(thomas/Wikimedia Commons)

4. Mantenga Cultural Village 

In a secluded corner of the Ezulwini Valley is Mantenga Reserve. The reserve is home to Mantenga Falls Luphohlo Dam and Mantenga Cultural Village. The cultural village is a living museum of old traditions and a great place for travellers to experience a classic Swazi lifestyle. Travelers can explore the 16 huts, kraals and byres for cattle and goats, as well as experiencing Swazi dance and song.

Reed_Dance_Festival in swaziland

(Amada44/Wikimedia Commons)

5. Experiencing A Reed Dance 

If there is one thing every traveler loves to do in Swaziland, it’s going to see a traditional Reed Dance ceremony. Part of the both the Swazi and Zulu cultures, this event happens once a year. Thousands of unmarried and childless Swazi girls and women travel to Ludzidzini to participate in the eight day event.

6. Shewula Mountain Camp 

Made specifically for tourists, the Shewula Mountain Camp is the first community eco-tourism project in Swaziland. It’s also one of the most successful in the whole of southern Africa. Owned and and run by the community, the camp is a vital source of income and employment.

7. Horse Riding Along Chubeka Trails

A must-do for any traveler to Swaziland is going horse riding on the Chubeka Trails. With beautiful fauna and flora lined along the way, the trail is the perfect way to see Swaziland’s amazing beauty. Head out with Dirty Boots for this amazing day out.

8. White Water Rafting 

If you’re an adventure traveler, then going white water rafting in Swaziland will definitely be something you’ll love. Head to the waters with Swazi Trails and enjoy a day at the Great Usutu River. No prior experience is needed.

Hlane Royal National Park in swaziland

(Robek/Wikimedia Commons)

9. Going On Safari At Hlane Royal National Park 

Home to the big five, Hlane Royal National Park is the largest of Swaziland’s game parks. If you love seeing wild animals in, get your camera ready as you’ll come up close with giraffe, hippo, crocodile and zebra!

Mkhaya Game Reserve in swaziland

(Wj32/Wikimedia Commons)

10. Mkhaya Game Reserve

Joining the Hlane and Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary is Mkhaya Game Reserve. Travelers love spending the day on game drives — spotting white rhino, giraffe, sable antelope, and buffalo — and then retreating into the amazing Stone Camp.  


(Aurobindo Ogra/Wikimedia Commons)

11. Traditional Swazi Craft Markets in Mbabane 

As in most African countries, you can find some great quality, reasonable priced handcrafts — Swaziland is no different. You can pick up cool crafts including wood carvings and basket weaves. 

12. Ngwenya Glass 

If you’re looking for something special to take home with you, then look no further than Ngwenya Glass. Tourists swarm to this glass factory to pick up pieces of glass art. From wine stops to ornaments, you’ll find it all here. 

13. Adventure Caving 

Head to Gobholo Caves in Swaziland with Swazi Trails and experience the caves. Caving is more than just walking in and walking out of cave, it’s more of exploring from the inside out. If this sounds appealing to you, then join hundreds of travelers as they take to the caves. 

14. Yebo Contemporary Art Gallery 

Artists from all over the world come to Yebo Contemporary Art Gallery in Swaziland which provides artists with a much-needed platform for established artists, artisans and designers in Swaziland. Artists showcase and sell their work, and travelers can pick up bargarins on some incredible artworks. 

trails in swaziland

(JMK/Wikimedia Commons)

15. Awesome Walking Trails

There is no better way to experience a country than on foot. From the Ezulwini Valley and the Lobamba Trail to the Mdzimba Trail, Swaziland’s walking trails are incredible. 

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