How To Eat Your Way Through Paris On A Budget

Eating well in Paris can be intimidating for those who do not have a trust fund or lots of cash socked away somewhere. But don’t worry — if you’re an average Joe or Jane you won’t starve to death, even though every touristy over-the-top French cafes robs you blind with outrageous meal prices. Here are 15 ways to eat your way through Paris without having to re-mortgage your house.

1. Crêpes

If you see a small crêpe stand on the streets of Paris, stop by. It’s a fail-safe way to not overspend and enjoy a delicious treat. From breakfast crêpes with spinach and eggs, to lunch-style fromage et jambon (ham and cheese) to sweet desserts crêpes with hazelnut spread or jam, you won’t be disappointed.

pomme frites

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2. Pomme Frites

You might call them French fries, but they call them frites or pomme frites (don’t they sound more delicious already?). If you see a pomme frite vendor or a small cafe selling them, you can request they be seasoned with garlic, pepper or creamy cheese curds. And hey, the frites are quite filling too.

pho banh cuon

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3. Pho at Pho Banh Cuon 14

This popular local Vietnamese cafe serves one of the city’s best bowls of pho (noodle soup). Steamy hot beefy noodle dishes as low as 6.50 euros will be brought out to you promptly. Don’t forget to try the sweet corn dessert afterwards.

4. Boco

Happiness truly does comes in a glass jar full of food. Boco (roughly translated as “jar” in English) is a popular spot where folks can grab delicious prepared food on the go at decent prices.

Chez le Libanais

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5. Chez le Libanais

The menu at Chez le Libanais offers a handful of cheap Lebanese meals, from falafel wraps to schwarmas, for up to 5.60 euros. And the staff at the cafe make their bread fresh out of the oven. Yummy! Grab your order to go, eat in.

6. French pastries at Blé Sucré

Chocolate croissants, raspberry brioche, lemon tarts and eclairs, you name it–they have it all. All those sweets you’ve seen on competitive pastry chef shows are now available for you to savor without breaking the bank.

7. A three course meal at Foyer de la Madeleine

Would you believe it if we told you that you could get a three-course French meal for a mere 8.50 euros? Too good to be true? Not so! Although the menu is limited, it’s highly rated and delectable.


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8. Croques

If you’re feeling a bit tired and hungry from walking around this great city, you can still sit in a cafe and relax without paying an arm and a leg. Order a croque monsieur (grilled ham and cheese topped with Bechamel sauce) or croque madame (the croque monsieur plus a fried egg on top). This affordable yet filling comfort food is a French staple.

Le Temps de Cerises

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9. Le Temps de Cerises

The food at this charming cafe is as beautiful as the French song. Salmon tartare, foie gras and creme brulee are all ready to make your day. Prices range from eight to 20 euros, which is a steal considering the quality of the gourmet food, and the atmosphere. 

10. Laotian food at Rouammit & Huong Lang

Laotian food is usually hard to find outside of the country. Luckily, in gay Paree there are plenty of authentic ethnic Laotian eateries, including Rouammit & Huong Lang, where diners can order dishes like lacquered duck and fish stew smothered in coconut milk for dirt cheap.

11. Hutch Hot-Dogs House

It’s no New York- or Chicago-style frank, but if you’re homesick for American wieners this is as close as you’ll get in Paris. Hot dogs here are served with pickled cabbage, chilli or caramelized onions, and not to mention–it’s all super cheap.

chez prune

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12. Coffee at Chez Prune

Hipsters galore! Not only you can sip coffee costing less than 1 euro, but you can spend hours sitting outside and just watching the world go by. But if you get hungry, there are plenty of tasty dishes from salmon to chicken for up to 13 euros.


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13. Ramen noodles at Higuma

This joint serves huge portions of various type of noodles dishes or gyoza (dunplings) for no more than 10 euros. And the service is fast, making this place a perfect spot to grab a quick warm meal on your way to a show or club.

14. Bistrot Victoires

This cafe is so ideally and aesthetically French that you’ll be tempted to don a beret and smoke like a chimney to fit in. Diners can enjoy authentic meals for as little as eight euros, and bask in the art nouveau architecture inside the cafe. C’est la vie!

15. Curry dishes at Muniyandi Vilas

The intoxicating chutney smell as you walk past should be enough to coax you inside this Indian cafe. It can be crazy cheap, with prices as low as four euros for three curries, naan bread and sweet milk tea. The baker makes the bread fresh at the cafe and you can watch him/her in action through the cafe’s window. Au revoir!

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