Photo Essay: A Walk Through The Streets Of Sousse

While many visit Sousse just for the sun and fun, there is so much more to the city than acres of golden sand. This Mediterranean city features a bustling medina, fantastic architecture, vibrant cultural life, quiet nooks, and hidden gems. Take a visual tour around the city with these stunning photos.

sousse passage

garann / Flickr

sousse port 1

Chris Murphy / Flickr

sousse port

Chris Murphy / Flickr

sousse goods

Rusty Clark / Flickr

sousse steep walkway

Andrew Skudder / Flickr

sousse pottery

Andrew Skudder / Flickr

sousse doors

Kai Schreiber / Flickr

sousse cat

Nadja Varga / Flickr

Sousse boats

Rusty Clark / Flickr

sousse medina

Snake3yes / Flickr

sousse lamb

Rusty Clark / Flickr

sousse market

Christian Schirner / Flickr

sousse dar

Phil Artmonic / Flickr

sousse donkey

Rusty Clark / Flickr

sousse night

Rozy Skill / Flickr

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