15 Things To Do With Kids In Egypt

You’re finally taking the kids to Egypt! But what if your kids get incredibly bored after seeing the 57th mummified king? No worries, there are plenty of things to do that will entertain your kids. Here are 15 great things to do with kids in Egypt.


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1. Visit the pyramids

Lets get the most obvious one out of the way. When visiting Egypt, seeing the Pyramids is an absolute must-see with your kids. What’s a better way to expand your child’s mind than seeing real remnants of a rich cultural history? Book in advance to go on a kid-friendly tour where the guides will be more than happy to answer any questions your little ones may have.

egyptian museum

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2.  The Egyptian Museum

Not only will you and your kids experience seeing ancient artifacts and artwork at the museum, there will be a kid-friendly Legos exhibit –Egyptian style. You and your kids can marvel at the giant Lego version of King Tut and the Pyramids of Giza. 

red reef

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3. Dive the Red Sea

Egypt is home to one of the world’s best coral reefs in the Red Sea. Book a family-friendly charter boat that will take you to a safe spot full of tropical fish and colorful coral. Snorkeling or scuba diving around this lush environment will be an unforgettable experience.

camel riding

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4. Camel Riding

If you took your kids to Egypt without hopping on a camel’s back, then you’ve failed your kids. Every kid needs to experience the sensation of riding on a camel in the desert, as it will provide good perspective for them.

egypt souk

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5. Visit the local souk

Take your kids shopping at local markets (souks) for unique souvenirs, clothes or musical instruments. This is also a perfect chance to expose your kids to a wide range of food. 

abu simbel

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6. Abu Simbel

On the Egyptian border next to Sudan lies the extraodinary Abu Simbel temple. Commemorated for Queen Nefertari, this temple is unmistakably known for its phenomenal statues and cavernous altars. There is no way your kids will be bored when they’re stuck in a strange NeverEnding Story-like place.

7. Be creative at Fagnoon Art Center

Take your kids to explore their creative side at Fagnoon Art Center, where they can create their own paintings, potteries and sand art. Kids will be also be able to learn how to bake Egyptian breads or pastries.

nile sail

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8. Sail down the Nile

Book a short cruise trip down the Nile to see more of Egypt’s natural countryside and wildlife. However, we don’t recommend taking a small kayak, because you never know what lurks under the water.


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9. Check out the Papyrus factory

At the Papyrus factory, experts will show kids how ancient Egyptians created the ancient paper. Your kids will personally partake in processing paper, then draw out designs from the hieroglyphic alphabet. 

egypt desert

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10. Go out to the desert

You’re in Egypt. Going out to see the vast desert is a must-do on your list. Whether it’s on a camel’s back, a 4-wheeler ,or by foot, you and your kids will be amazed at the unique sight that North Africa has to offer. 

11. Pet animals at AniMania

What child doesn’t like to be around animals? At AniMania petting zoo, your kids can pet traditional farm animals like goats and horses, along with exotic animals like monkeys, camels and peacocks.

12. Dream Park

If your kid is bored with the pyramids, you can always resort to old-fashioned fun by taking him/her to Cairo’s amusement park, Dream Park. Roller coasters, ferris wheels and arcade games are all made available to please your whiny uncultured kid.

13. Dr. Ragab’s Pharaonoic Village

If Dream Park is too uncouth for your taste and you still want to impress your kid, take him/her to Dr. Ragab’s Pharanoiac Village to experience a re-enactment of ancient Egypt. There, you will see workers in Cleopatra and King Tut get ups doing rituals and living their everyday, ordinary lives. Oh, and if your kid is still bored by that, they do have a couple of rides tucked away somewhere in this village.

egypt beach

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14. Hang out at the beach

You’re in Egypt. And if you didn’t know, it has the best of both worlds with the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. So relax, and work on your tan while the kids build a Sphinx sand castle.

botanical garden

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15. Take your kids to a botanical garden

Taking your kids to a botanical garden could be a very fun experience to see new plants or flowers they have never seen before, such as papyrus plants, water lilies and odd-shaped Acacia trees.

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