15 Deep Sea Creatures With A Face Only A Mother Could Love

What stays in the deep sea stays in the deep sea (thank god!). Forget the boogeymen and what lurks in your basement, it’s all about the bottomless pit we call the deep sea. From a grotesque fish that suspiciously looks like it went through a meat grinder to gastrointestinal sea cucumbers, here are 15 deep sea creatures with a face only a mother could love (and terrify the rest of us).

1. Fangtooth

Egad! The Hannibal Lecter of the fish world wants to munch on all of your edible bits. Wait…is that a tongue? Do fish have tongues?

football fish

Courtesy of Wikimedia.org

2. Football Fish

Looking much like a moldy deflated football, this fish is rarely sighted and quite a horrific thing to see.


Courtesy of Sandip Bhattacharya/Flickr.com

3. Sunfish

We can barely make sense of this fish. Which side is up?

4. Frilled shark

If this shark isn’t scary enough to make you piddle your pants, then its inward needle-like teeth designed to keep any prey from escaping will definitely do the job.


Courtesy of Damien du Toit/Flickr.com

5. Deep Sea Giant Isopod

This alien-like shellfish will have us screaming for Sigourney Weaver to come to our defense. Although it’s highly speculated that they probably would make an excellent shrimp cocktail.

proboscis worm

Courtesy of Wikimedia.org

6. Proboscis Worm

As if the name wasn’t gross enough, the proboscis worm looks like the aftermath of Davy Jones’ disembowelment. Bleah! 

7. Stargazer Snake Eel

Picture this, you’re deep sea diving and you accidentally step on the stargazer snake eel. He leers up at you like an angry neighbor before he lops off your toes with his overbite.

glass squid

Courtesy of Wikimedia.org

8. Glass Squid

The cthulhu of the deep sea. Don’t stare at him for too long, he’ll drive you insane with madness!


Courtesy of Wikimedia.org

9. Viperfish

Excuse me sir? Would you be interested in some dental insurance?

10. Sea Pigs

Sea horses? Sure. But sea pigs? Is that even kosher?

11. Pelican Eel

Beware of the Pelican Eel with a large mouth (like a pelican, duh) and a body of a slithery eel. Who wants to take a bath with this guy?

12. Terrible Claw Lobster

Self explanatory.

13.  Humpback Anglerfish

Quasimodo has nothing on this guy. Very little is known about the Humpback Anglerfish, but something tells us, it’s better off that we don’t know.

 14. Deep Sea Blob Sculpin

Actually this guy looks like he would be fun to play with. Like a silly putty.

15. Giant Spider Crab

Who wouldn’t want to have this crab on their wedding day’s buffet?  The Giant Spider Crab can stand up to 12 feet tall (imagine Kareem Abdul-Jabbar giving Scotty Pippen a piggy back ride). Sweet dreams.

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