15 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Home And Live In A Tiny House Instead

As the population has expanded, our dream homes have exploded to 1,000-4,000 square feet of unnecessary space. In the midst of this land-grabbing frenzy, a tiny-house movement has emerged to revolutionize a new lifestyle and break free of the conformist mold. The majority of the population will find the idea of living in a 200-500 square feet home to be absurd and unimaginable. Despite the negative reaction, there is a very positive side and benefit to the extreme life adjustment, here are 15 reasons why you should sell your home and live in a tiny house.

1. De-clutter your life

Simplify your life by getting rid of most of your possessions. Do you really need that electric wok, the ping-pong table or 500 shoes? Go minimalist and you’d be amazed at how rejuvenating it feels to no longer be burdened with so many unnecessary possessions.

tiny cabin

Courtesy of Janet Beasly/Flickr.com

2. Get rid of your mortgage

Tiny houses are beneficially cheap and easily paid off (especially if you build it yourself).

3. Reduce your work hours

Because of the cheap living, many tiny housers gained the luxury of cutting back work hours to reduce stress. So get a fun part-time job and take up a hobby you’ve always wanted to learn (jewelry-making, yodeling, or french cooking).

tiny house wheels

Courtesy of Nicolas Boullosa/Flickr.com

4. Your tiny house is relocate-able

The beauty of your home is to take a vacation without leaving your house behind (if it’s built on wheels). Bored of living in the Arizona desert? Relocate to the Adirondacks, no problem!

tiny kitchen

Nicolas Boullosa/Flickr.com

5. Prioritize your life

What is the most important to you? Is overworking at that IT job really worth having a giant house in the suburbs (which you rarely have time to enjoy to yourself anyway)? Is it taking away time from your kids? Your significant other? Are happy with where you are? If not, what’s really stopping you from increasing the quality of your life?  

tiny background

Courtesy of Nicolas Boullosa/Flickr.com

6. Choose your background

Whether completely isolated in a rural farmland or in a community with other tiny housers, you are in control of your background. What view do you want to wake up to? Make that happen. 

living room world

Courtesy of Nicolas Boullosa/Flickr.com

7. The world is your living room

Tiny houses force you to unplug your life and enjoy being outside more. Your kids will put down their iPhones and explore nature at its finest like the olden days. 

8. Reduced utility bills

Because of tiny houses’ small square footage, it costs much less to run electricity in the house. With this money-saving perk, you’ll have extra cash to spend to try out that new restaurant or go on a weekend trip. Many people also outfit their tiny homes with solar panels. 

9. Easier to clean

Because of less clutter and less space, tiny homes are much easier to clean as there are basically only one-two rooms to worry about instead of your average 2,000 square foot house.  Ten minutes tops!

design layout

Courtesy of Tomas Quinones/Flickr.com

10. You can design your own layout

With the help of a professional contractor, you can plan your own layout to your comfort. 200 square feet or 400 square feet? Fold up bed or a loft with a ladder? Recycled wood or mosaic? Your home is at your command. 

11. You will be part of a tiny house movement and community

The tiny house movement has a growing community full of people who are passionate and excited about their new lifestyle. Birds of a feather flocks together. 

tiny house winter

Courtesy of Tammy Strobel/Flickr.com

12. It’s warmer in the winter

When it’s bone-shattering cold outside, a tiny house is the perfect antidote to warm you up. Because of its tiny space, micro-homes instantly warm up and cost far less than it would take to warm up a giant suburban house.

13. Reconnect with your family

In average households, most family members spend their quality time in separate rooms. In tiny houses, couples or families are forced to interact more and develop closer relationships.

14. Revolutionize your life

Life is too short, so make a difference! Follow your dream by changing your boring routine and create your own happy ending.

15. Get super creative!

Some tiny housers like to take it to the extreme, by building houses on tractors, in a giant bottle, inside a tree, or even a dumpster (although the latter is a bit unorthodox). Whatever raw idea you have, draw it out and act on it!

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