Test Your Smarts With This African Trivia Quiz

Think you know Africa? What’s the longest river? The most widely spoken language?

For many, the African continent is the one they know the LEAST about, especially compared to Europe, Asia, or North America. But sometimes even those who consider themselves Africa experts can be stumped by certain facts and figures.

So take this 17-question African trivia quiz, and find out how deep your knowledge of Africa really goes.

Answers can be found here.

The Nile River at Juba, South Sudan (Shutterstock)


1) What is the longest river in Africa?


A. Niger

B. Nile

C. Zambezi

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swahili language


2) What is the most widely-spoken language in Africa?


A. Swahili

B. English

C. Arabic

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nyanga zimbabwe

Nyanga Mountains, Zimbabwe (Shutterstock)

3) What is the former name of Zimbabwe?


A. Matabeleland

B. Zaire

C. Rhodesia

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upper volta

irisphoto1 / Shutterstock

4) What is the current name of the country formerly known as Upper Volta?


A. Equitorial Guinea

B. Burkina Faso

C. Congo

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5) Which country has the last absolute monarchy in Africa?


A. Zamunda

B. Swaziland

C. Lesotho

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eritrea money


6) Eritrea became independent of what country in 1991?


A. Ethiopia

B. Sudan

C. Djibouti

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7) “Nollywood” is the nickname for the movie industry where?


A. Namibia

B. Nairobi

C. Nigeria

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zanzibar slaves

meunierd / Shutterstock

8) In the 19th century, freed American slaves founded what West African country?


A. Ivory Coast

B. Ghana

C. Liberia

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U.S. Warns Citizens In Uganda To Stay Home

Black Sheep Media / Shutterstock

9) In Uganda, which dictator expelled thousands of Indians starting in 1972?


A. Mobutu Sese Seko

B. Idi Amin

C. Robert Mugabe

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10) The southernmost point on the continent of Africa is called:


A. Cape Point

B. Cape Agulhas

C. Cape of Good Hope

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11) Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, has how many people?


A. 113 million

B. 55 million

C. 169 million

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12) Mosquitoes spread what disease in Africa?


A. Yellow fever

B. Malaria

C. Dengue fever

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Photo Of The Day: World Lion Day


13) The “big five” game animals include lion, elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, and:


A. Rhinoceros

B. Hippopotamus

C. Giraffe

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nobel prize


14) Who was the first African to win the Nobel Peace Prize?


A. Albert John Luthuli

B. Anwar Sadat

C. Bishop Desmond Tutu

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soweto towers

Soweto Towers, Johannesburg. Photo by Sarah Duff

15) In South Africa, the name “Soweto” is an abbreviation of what?


A. Somerset Wetlands Tortoise

B. Soft Wet Toffee

C. South Western Township

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Maputo City Guide

Waterfront, Maputo, Mozambique (Shutterstock)

16) Mozambique is a former colony of what country?


A. Germany

B. Italy

C. Portugal

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Nelson Mandela Painting


17) Nelson Mandela is from which South African ethnic group?


A. Xhosa

B. Swazi

C. Zulu

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