These Remote Bush Camps In Botswana Are Built For Adventurers

There’s glamorous hotels and then there’s rugged camping. For a genuine experience of life in the bush, we highly suggest staying in a remote bush camp in a rustic, no frills tent to focus on the surrounding nature and wildlife. But where in Botswana can you find such an experience without being too distracted by the luxuries of your safari camps? For some, the purpose of camping is to get you outside without getting too comfortable in your accommodation. For hardcore campers, this list will point you in the right direction to camp out like a bona fide adventurer (and not to mention, saving tons of money while your’e at it). Here are some of the best remote bush camps in Botswana.

chobe river camp

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Chobe River Camp

Right in the heart of Chobe National Park, a small campsite next to a river is available for you to take advantage of. The campsite has its own fire pit, scenic view of the river, and a covered shelter for your cook outs. Chobe River Camp has different levels of camping where guests can opt to pitch their own tents or stay in a lodge. Travelers can easily hop in a car and drive around to enjoy the wildlife before heading back to the tent for a nightcap.

tautona lodge

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Tautona Lodge

While this campsite in western Botswana offers a lodge, we suggest staying in Meru Tent for a more rustic experience and to get in touch with Mother Nature. Tautona Lodge is located on a private game reserve where it’s common to see elands, giraffes, zebras, oryx, ostriches and more. Guests can go on a self-driving safari trip and go on a bush walk with the San People on foot. On the tour, they’ll show you how they used to live and tell tales of their ancient culture. You’ll also get a chance to learn how to track animals the San People way. A horseback riding tour is also offered on the premises.


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Molema Bush Camp

In Tuli Game Reserve, there are several ways to camp. One of them is the Molema Bush Camp, where guests can stay in a charming, rustic old cabin in the northeastern corner of the reserve. The reserve has 24,000 acres of private land that is unfenced (meaning you’ll have to be extra cautious when you explore outside for wildlife). Other campsites in the same park include Mohave Bush Camp where you can stay in a three-pole hut and use the communal bathroom, or the Kgakala Trails Camp, where there are only six tents permitted per night. The name “Kgakala” means remote, so you’ll know you’re miles from any civilization.

tshima bush camp

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Tshima Bush Camp

Tshima Bush Camp in the Okavango Delta takes pride in its remoteness and sits on 30 hectares of bushland near the Nhabe River. All tents are Meru style that are fully furnished. From the tents, guests can go on a walk using one of its trails to look for aardvark, duikers, elephants or hippopotamuses in the river. Each morning, a picnic-style breakfast is served where guest can dine in their own tents. As night time rolls around, travelers can enjoy their dinner under the stars.


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Makumutu Safari Lodge

Makumutu Safari Lodge lets you experience rustic tent camping while enjoying the access of modern amenities of a luxury safari camp. Guests will get to stay in a humble tent under the stars but by morning, they can easily access an on-site restaurant, bar and a pool. In addition, they can also get WiFi, plus get their laundry done. This destination is ideal for guests who wish to meet other like-minded campers to enjoy the rustic experience but also remain social.

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