The Fantastic Hotels Of Nosy Be, Madagascar

Many people travel to Madagascar to get away from their everyday routine and have the perfect island oasis. But for those who wish to have a genuine island escape, Nosy Be is that haven just off the northwestern tip of the main island and is surrounded by lush wilderness, pristine beaches and waterfront seafood restaurants. And if you’re going soon, it makes sense that you should do your research and book the best hotel to match your adventure you’ll have. We’ve compiled a list of the most fantastic hotels of Nosy Be, Madagascar.

manga soa lodge

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Manga Soa Lodge

Picture staying on a quiet, private lodge where there are only five rentals per night with your own beach-facing patio surrounded by rich rosewood (Madagascar’s timber sporting dark brown hues). That place is Manga Soa Lodge, where the view from your bedroom is the Bay of Befefika. The intimate lodge has a luxury pool that sits on the edge of the ocean, giving guests a feeling of swimming in the ocean from the comforts of the pool. The beach that are within steps from Manga Soa Lodge is known for being rich in its coral reefs, an excellent place to snorkel and scuba dive. Head to its main building where an exotic restaurant serves Malagasy fare. The restaurant is so popular that guests staying in other hotels will go out of their way just to dine at the restaurant.


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Ravintsara Wellness Hotel

Find your oasis at Ravintasara Wellness Hotel in Nosy Be, where a luxury pool surrounded by palm trees and bungalows with thatched roofs is the center of the hotel. Inside each bungalow is a luxury furnished room with mosquito netted beds and natural light to bring in the outdoors. A spa is one of the main amenities of the hotel and guests can get their treatment surrounded by the trees. Yoga classes, boat rides and a gourmet restaurant are also offered on the premises. The hotel is also within walking distance from the beach, so you’ll have both the perks of being in a gorgeous garden and ocean.

heure bleue

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L’Heure Bleue

Looking for a place where you can literally dive into the ocean right off your balcony? L’Heure Bleue is a prominent hotel on Nosy Be where guests can stay in luxury lodges with elongated patios that hover over the ocean. There are only eight lodges and 10 waterfront bungalows, so guests are advised to book their space as soon as possible. The hotel faces the Bay of Ambatoloaka where its common for visitors to go diving and swimming. Come hungry, there’s a high-end restaurant at the hotel with traditional Malagasy food on its menu. If you’d rather not dive off your patio, there are two luxury pools (one freshwater and one sea water) where you can go in for a refreshing swim.

vanila hotel

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Vanila Hotel

Soak yourself in Vanila Hotel’s incredible view of the surrounding island and bay in Nosy Be. The hotel is slightly larger and more resort-like with its 56 rooms, but you’ll feel that you’ll have the entire place to yourself with its many small gardens, infinity pools, and access to the private beach. Expect Malagasy motifs throughout the facility and rosewood to dominate the essence of the hotel. Guests particularly enjoy the waterfront French seafood restaurant at the hotel where they can dine on the freshest catch. Activities offered by the hotel include deep sea fishing, horseback riding, diving, whale watching and much more.

loharano hotel

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Loharano Hotel

Stay in this cozy, tropical hotel with thatched roofs and a waterpark-like pool (with a lazy river) for a lavish getaway. Loharano Hotel is a tranquil spot where lodges are adorned with Malagasy furnishing, exposed wood beams and all the modern amenities. Head out to the beach and you’ll find swinging benches and outdoor beds for the hotel guests to enjoy the view of the water. There’s no need to tote a beach chair to enjoy the view, Loharano Hotel will have everything ready for you.

voi amarina resort

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VOI Amarina Resort

You’ll be sharing this luxury space with the lemurs in the beachside wilderness of Nosy Be. At VOI Amarina Resort, all rooms are on the ground level with its own private veranda that faces the sea. A luxury pool sits in the center of the resort surrounded by swaying palm trees, sunbeds and parallels the ocean. The main building serves as a breakfast buffet and dining area for guests to sample fresh seafood and exotic fruits grown on the island. Activities and amenities offered at the resort include archery, aqua gym, yoga, pilates, canoeing, beach tennis, volleyball court, thai-chai, Tibetan rites and much more. And not to mention, the convenient access to the fabulous beach and waters of Nosy Be.

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