Lions Bring Down Kudu In Kruger, Put On A Show In The Middle Of The Road

Safari-goers got front row seats to one of nature’s greatest shows while cruising through Kruger National Park on Friday.

Two male lions paid no attention to the fact that they were in the middle of a busy road, and savagely stalked and killed a kudu.

While many people traveling through Kruger spot a lion or two, or even see one gnawing on a fresh carcass in the bush (from a distance), it’s relatively rare to see an attack up close.

But that’s exactly what Carrie Dunford and others got to see as they were traveling the road between Orpen Gate and Satara Camp.

Dunford, a British student who is in South Africa doing wildlife research, was able to capture an incredible series of photos of the attack.

“I thought these sort of things only happened in documentaries,” said Dunford, to News24.

She was able to recall the sequence of events in great detail.

“I stopped alongside the road to watch the two male lions, which had walked onto the road,” she said. “They stopped every few metres to mark their territory. “It was then that one of them saw the kudu standing in the bushes near the road. The lion immediately crouched and started stalking the buck.”

lion stalking

Lion stalking kudu on side of the road. (Photo by Carrie Dunford/News24)

At that point, the alert kudu spotted the lion and attempted a speedy escape across the tarred road.

Unfortunately, the animal slipped and fell, and landed on the ground between several vehicles.

“While the kudu was still trying to find its feet, one of the lions tackled it from behind,” said Dunford.

lions kudu

Lion attacking kudu between cars. (Photo by Carrie Dunford / News24)

“The second lion then charged and got hold of the kudu by its throat. Just like that, the buck was brought down in the middle of the road and was dead in minutes.”

lion licking lips

Lion licking its lips after a fresh kill. (Photo courtesy of Carrie Dunford / News24)

Wanting to enjoy their meal, the lions spent about another half hour in the road chowing down on the kudu before finally dragging it into the bushes.

It was just another day in Kruger for the lions, but a spectacular event for the humans that got to witness it.

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