10 More Fantastic Vintage Photos Of Africa

Here are 10 fantastic vintage photos of Africa, taken from our Throwback Thursday archives.

Zulu woman

Zulu woman at piano, 1903 (author unknown)

Zulu woman at piano, 1903

John Atherton/flickr

John Atherton/flickr

Wellington Street, Bathurst (now Banjul), capital city Gambia (West Africa), c. 1905

vintage map


16th century engraved map of Africa by Abraham Ortelius

ghana fishing net

John Atherton/flickr

Boys pulling a fishing net, Ghana, 1940s

camels giza 1870

Blue Mountains Local Studies/flickr

Three camels and their riders in Giza, Egypt, circa 1870

vintage cars in dar es salaam


Independence Avenue in Dar Es Salaam, 1979

boy and camel


Young boy playing music next to his camels, 1931, location unknown

vintage cars knysna

hans wakataitea/flickr

Vintage cars at the Knysna Motor Show

alice sheldon and kikuyu

Wikimedia Commons

Alice Bradley Sheldon with Kikuyu, 1920s, Kenya

xhosa man

Alfred Martin Duggan-Cronin

Xhosa man with pipe, South Africa, 1920s

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