New Guidebook Hopes To Promote Hiking In Seychelles

Who doesn’t love a beautiful hike on an exotic island? That’s what the Seychelles Tourism Board was thinking as well when it launched a new guidebook titled “Hiking in Seychelles” recently.

From Seychelles News Agency

(Seychelles News Agency) – Planning to hike in the Seychelles? Then a new guidebook launched in Paris could be a useful tool.

The guidebook, entitled ‘Hiking in Seychelles,’ is designed to help visitors and residents explore the nature trails and striking mountain regions of the island nation.

‘Hiking in Seychelles’ was launched in October by the Seychelles Tourism Board at one of Paris’ historical and architectural venues — the Vivienne Gallery.

It is a promotional tool of around 80 pages providing detailed information on 15 trails spread across the four main islands of Seychelles — Mahe, Praslin, La Digue and Silhouette.

The chief executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board, Sherin Francis, who was present at the launching, talked about the commonality between France and Seychelles when it comes to hiking.

“Your customers, our visitors, your readers, and the journalists, certainly love to go hiking on the weekends, and there is no reason why they would not wish to do the same while on holiday in the Seychelles,” Francis said.

The islands of Seychelles in the western Indian Ocean are popular for their tropical beauty. While many visitors prefer to laze on the amazing white sandy beaches, the more adventurous enjoy discovering the wilder side of the islands.

On most of the hiking trails, hikers can feast their eyes on the fascinating and diverse plant community which is unique to Seychelles. In most cases, an early start is recommended to avoid the sun and mountain mist which sometimes form later in the day. The reward is the incredible flora and fauna native to these areas, extraordinary biological heritage several historical ruins, stunning waterfall, and breath-taking views.

The guidebook has been co-authored by Rémy Ravon and Romain Latournerie and was conceived two years ago when they approached the Seychelles Tourism Board office in Paris.

The guidebook was presented to the press, travel trade partners including airlines, hotels, Destination Management Companies, tour operators and travel agencies in Paris, on Tuesday, October 17.

It is currently available in hard copies in both French and English. The digital version will be out soon and aside from English and French, it will also be available in Italian, German and Chinese.

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