These African Road Signs Will Make You Laugh Til You Cry

It’s quite possible that African road signs are some of the funniest in the world — but most inadvertently so. Enjoy this array of zany signs full of typos, gibberish, sarcasm, and just plain head-scratching logic.

sign 11

Wait, we thought baboons were monkey-like critters…?

sign 5

We feel sorry for the cashiers who have to handle money pulled from … unmentionable places.

sign 10

It might be just a pile of wildebeest crap to you, but to a dung beetle, it’s a goldmine!

sign 2


sign 1

Not sure where this was taken, but we don’t want to go there.

sign 3

We didn’t realize that Africa had both bone-in and boneless varieties of bananas…

sign 7

9600 km? That’s almost 6000 miles. Maybe a typo… or maybe that’s just African roads for ya?

sign 8

English may not have been the first language of this road painter in Dar es Salaam.

sign 9

Slow down to read this one, because it’ll take a while. And you’ll need to read it a few times to make sense of it.

sign 4

Bring your grievance here — they’ve got just the tool to hammer it home.

funny sign

“Honey, I can’t see any penguins!”

“Dear, that’s because they’re shy – they’re hiding under the car.”

sign 6

Just a cute reminder that there are lots of pedestrians in Cape Town.

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