10 Time Lapse Videos That Capture The Essence Of Africa

Africa is blessed with plenty of photogenic places, but a simple picture doesn’t always capture the essence of the spot. That’s where time lapse videos come in — they let you spend several hours or days in a place in just a few minutes, by compiling thousands of individual photographs. Here are 10 time lapse videos of Africa that capture the essence of the continent, from the tip of South Africa to the Nile River.

This montage of Cape Town was made from over 4,500 photographs

You’ll know how beautiful Namibia is after watching this one

This video shows how hectic the streets of downtown Casablanca can be

Mount Kilimanjaro never looked so good as it does here!

This incredible video takes you around Marrakech, from sunrise to sunset

Saint Catherine, Egypt is simply majestic

The Drakensberg is one of the most popular natural attractions in South Africa for a reason

Watch as a majestic moonbow lowers over Victoria Falls

Morocco is filled with beautiful landscapes

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