15 Instagrams Of Rhinos That Will Make You Smile

Rhinos are some of the most incredible animals in Africa and are a favorite to see while on safari. Though their horns make them look intimidating, they are actually quite timid, gentle creatures — but don’t piss them off! Here are 15 Instagrams of rhinos that are sure to make you smile.

Rhino’s bathed in gold enjoy a late afternoon drink. #rhino #savetherhino #WildEyeSA

A photo posted by Marlon du Toit (@marlondutoit) on

Two thirsty rhinos enjoy an afternoon drink in South Africa.

Walking with Amazing Rhino

A photo posted by Giovanni Scafoglio (@cydnero) on

This Instagrammer got extremely close to a rhino in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve.

A great shot of a rhino from a safari vehicle.

Trhinoceros #rhino #photography #southafrica #naturephotography #wildlifephotography

A photo posted by John Pears (@jdphoto60) on

Do three rhinos make a trinoceros?

This rhino charged a vehicle while protecting its baby.

Back to front. #WildlifePhotography #Rhino #Africa #Wildlife

A photo posted by Gerry van der Walt (@gerryvanderwalt) on

Seeing the rhinos from front to back in one shot!

#rhino #baby #gamedrive #safari #southafrica

A photo posted by Taylor (@taylorp08) on

Another baby rhino at Kragga Kamma Game Park.

What’s that hiding in the bush? Oh, a rhino!

Rhino roasting in the sun ☀ #krugerpark #krugernationalpark #rhino #krugerrhino #bigfive #endangered #endangeredspecies #savetheplanet

A photo posted by Carly Eaton-Hall (@operatingatterminalvelocity) on

Or do they just want some sun?

Up close with a white rhino in Sabi Sabi Reserve, South Africa.

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