10 Photos Of African Wedding Ceremonies That Will Astonish You

Like the people and cultures of Africa, wedding ceremonies around the continent come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Most of the ceremonies feature elaborate outfits, dances, makeup, jewelry and practices that have developed over hundreds of years. Whether its Maasai brides dressing up for the big occasion, or Zulu dancers putting on a show, these 10 photos of African wedding ceremonies will astonish you.

zulu wedding

Courtesy of Rob Steer / flickr

The beginning of a Zulu wedding ceremony in South Africa

fulani wedding guinea bissau

gaborbasch / Shutterstock

Fulani women getting ready for a wedding in Guinea-Bissau

maasai bride

Courtesy of Greg Neate / flickr

A young Maasai bride is dressed up for the occasion in Kenya

xhosa bride

Courtesy of South African Tourism / flickr

A Xhosa bride inside the Lesdi Cultural Village, Gauteng, South Africa

A traditional Yoruba wedding in Nigeria

wedding axum

Courtesy of Favila Roces / flickr

People gather around at an Ethiopian wedding in Axum

zulu wedding durban

Debbie Aird Photography / Shutterstock

Dancing at a festive Zulu wedding in Durban, South Africa

samburu dancers

Dietmar Temps / Shutterstock

Samburu dancers stomp on the ground at a wedding ceremony in Archers Post, Kenya

wedding addis ababa

Courtesy of Gill Penney / flickr

Men in traditional dress for an Orthodox wedding in Addis Ababa

igbo wedding nigeria

Courtesy of Jeremy Weate / flickr

Bridesmaids and the bride dance at an Igbo wedding in Nigeria

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