15 Reasons To Give A Hoot About African Owls

Why should you give a hoot about owls? Because they are fantastic and unique-looking birds that are symbolic in many cultures — and omens in others — especially in Africa. For the rest of us, they can be quite amusing.

Here are 15 funny owls of Africa.

Rufous Fishing Owl

Courtesy of Owlpages.com

1.  Rufous Fishing Owl (Scotopelia ussheri)

Hey look! It’s the Haley Joel Osment owl. This squinty-face guy is unfortunately dangerously close to becoming an endangered species. It can be spotted in its natural habit in West Africa, including Ivory Coast and Sierra Leone. Haley, now you can begin your trek to find your long-lost family! 

Northern White-Faced Owl

Courtesy of Birdforum.net

2. Northern White-Faced Owl (Ptilopsis leucotis)

Voldemort called, he wants his look back. This bird is famously known for its bulbous yellow eyes that change into thin slits to to appear threatening and ward off any predator. They are scattered throughout most of Africa and if you should find them, remind yourself to not take it personally if they give you the stink eye.

Rainbow Scops Owl

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3. Rainforest Scops Owl (Malagasy Scop Owl)

Found in the jungles of Madagascar, no bird can throw better shade than the Rainforest Scops Owl. Even Rihanna has nothing on this guy. They can give a frightening deathly glare that will shake the stripes off of any lemur who dares to glance in his direction. 

little owl

Courtesy of Zastavki.com

4. Little Owl (Athene noctua)

Bet it didn’t take them long to come up with a name for these comical petite owls. The cute and pesky little Oompa Loompas can be found roaming the hills of northern Africa and enjoying their favorite meal of insect, earthworms, and…each other’s eyeballs? 

Hume's Owls

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5.  Hume’s Tawney Owl

Whooo-who-who-who! is his signature call. With no relation to the late actor Hume Cronyn, this jolly white-bearded Santa Claus-like bird can be sighted in northeast Egypt making a mockery of the other birds. 


Akun Eagle Owl

Courtesy of Planetofbirds.com

6. Akun Eagle Owl

It’s overwhelming enough being a wildlife creature in the dense forest, and this Akun Eagle Owl’s expression shows that he literally just cannot take it anymore. He just can’t deal with it — and can be seen losing his marbles in rainforests of West Africa.

congo bay owls

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7. Congo Bay Owl

Move out of the way, Quasimodo. The hunched-back Congo Bay Owl is normally found where else…the Congo, running charities for OWLS (Owls With Lifetime Scoliosis).

Sjostedt's Owlets

Courtesty of Owlpages.com

8. Sjostedt’s Owlet

Scattered throughout central Africa, the Sjostedt’s Owlet will shoot you a dirty look if you should come upon one of them, as if you just caught him red-handed cheating at Guess “Hoo!” It was reported that this clique of owlets was the inspiration for the movie Mean Girls. 

Southern White Faced Owl

Courtesy of Alastair Rae/Flickr.com

9. Southern White-Faced Owl

“Whooo dare goes here?” berates this little owl as you pass by. This hermit grouch is not much different than his cousin, the Northern White-faced owl. Nothing can convince this South African feathery fiend to be your friend, not even a bowl of pygmy mice.

Courtesy of Aftab Uzzaman/Flickr.com

Courtesy of Aftab Uzzaman/Flickr.com

10. Pearl-Spotted Owl

Found in the Sahara, the Pearl-Spotted Owl is recognizable by his tu-tu-tu-tu hooting. However, it is speculated that he was dropped as an owlet–hence the broken hooting and not-quite-right-in-the-head stare.

Verreaux's Eagle Owl

Courtesy of Wikimedia.org

11. Verreaux’s Eagle Owl

No owl loves red eyeshadows more than this Sub-Saharan eagle owl. The Keith Flint’s hairdo sporting owl is often found perched on top of a branch batting her eyes at other owls. 

African wood owls

Courtesy of birdforum.net


12. African Wood Owl

You’ll never be cool enough to sit with these guys. The African wood owls can be found in Kenya talking smack about your wardrobe and putting their beaks in your business.

Eurasian Eagle Owl

Courtesy of Wikimedia.org

13. Eurasian Eagle Owl

This Northern Africa turkey-like bird loves to fluff his feather to appear larger to his predators. However, this plan could backfire around Thanksgiving.

14. Madagascar Long Eared Owl

Known for its long antennae-like ears, the long eared owl can be spotted in Madagascar (obviously). This long eared owl can often be seen lounging on his tree and stealthily eavesdropping over the monkeys.


Cape Eagle Owl

Courtesy of s9-4pr/Flickr.com

15. Cape Eagle Owl

Looking like a couple of babushka dolls, the cape eagle owl can be seen hobbling throughout Central and South Africa. They like to stay close within each other to remind passers-by that birds of a feather definitely do flock together.

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